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Did you miss this guy? I seriously can’t remember when was the last time I posted something about him. I know I promised I’ll keep you updated on his progress and I do – on social media. Not so much here so for today, let’s keep the blog about him since he owns part of […]

Happy World Down Syndrome Day! If you are new to this blog, you might have not known that I have a special needs child named Alphonse. He has Down Syndrome and he is the love of my life. You can read more about him and get to know more about this beautiful gift we have. […]

March 21 | Today is World Down Syndrome Day Down Syndrome is a chromosomal disorder wherein a person has a 3rd copy of chromosome 21 – thus, it is called Trisomy 21. I will not go deeper into its definition. But if you’re a first time reader in this blog, you may read the story […]

This has been a long delayed post but I haven’t forgotten that October is Down Syndrome Awareness month. Being a mother of a child who was born with Down Syndrome, I became a part of the community who wanted to help educate and spread information about the extra 21st chromosome. When my child was born, […]

Slowly, I’ve been trying to tell you the story of our little guy here. From his birth to the day when he fought the hardest. It was amazing to see how many people have supported us along the way. And now that I am no longer on the verge of losing my sanity, it makes me proud to […]

Alphonse’s Arrival My youngest – Alphonse was born last year, December 27, 2012. And as many of you know, we went through a lot following his arrival. I have made a promise to keep this blog updated as much as possible about how our little boy was doing. But, I failed miserably. Nevertheless, I continued to […]