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7 Foolproof Ways to Grow Your Creative Business – Pt. 3

A lot of creative entrepreneurs are afraid to sell because they don’t want to sound pushy or sleazy but here’s the thing – we are in the business to sell. And if we aren’t doing it, we’re not only doing our business a disservice but more so the people who need us.

We are in business because we provide a solution to whatever problem or desire people have. And if we aren’t letting them know that we’re capable of helping, how else are they going to improve their own lives, processes, their businesses and experiences? It is up to us to provide so we can help our customers better. 

Selling isn’t sleazy, it is necessary for our business to thrive and for our customers to feel supported and cared for.

In this 3rd and final instalment of the 7 Foolproof Ways to Grow Your Creative Business series. In this episode, we’ll talk about selling.

Does the word “selling” send shivers down your spine?

To some of you, selling is just as natural as breathing. To others, it’s an impossible task. But don’t worry because today, we’ll talk about how you can grow your business by selling effectively. 

In part 1 we covered CONTENT, Part 2 was all about MARKETING and today, we’ll dive into selling.

The 7 Foolproof Ways to Grow Your Creative business guide wasn’t made just to deliver different methods to grow your business.

The goal of this guide is for you to create a system that’s going to help you instil the habits you need to grow not just in business but in your personal life as well. Because developing a solid framework for your business doesn’t just ensure revenue, it guarantees growth.  

#5 Launch Regularly

And I don’t just mean the big launches with crazy pre-launch prep and everything. In this context, what I mean is for you to sell on a regular basis. Because selling is how we make money so we need to sell our offers MORE.

I’ve seen many business owners criticize other people because they “sell too much.” They’re always promoting their products and businesses. They’re everywhere!

But think about it for a second. How else are we going to make a living if we don’t sell often? Do you think you’re ever gonna meet your revenue goals if you don’t promote your products? Will you have the lifestyle you want if you’re revenue isn’t consistent enough to pay for what you actually need?

You see, selling isn’t the main problem. The way you do it is. Are you nurturing your prospects before you offer them anything or are you just showing up when it’s convenient? You have to remember that you need to build a connection with your audience before you even ask them for a sale.

PLUS! You have to believe in your offer. If you have a problem with selling, chances are – you don’t believe in your own offer. You don’t know how to ensure your customers that you’re the right person to work with and that you have the solution to whatever problem or desire they have. 

So how can you make sure that you’re audience know about you?

That’s when your CONTENT will come into play. But more than just giving FREE content, you also need to train your prospects to buy.

So along with your free content, you also need to tell your audience about your offers – that can be your products, workshops, courses or creative services.

Next, plan your launches if you’re having big ones – such as workshops, courses, memberships and coaching programs. If you have product-based offers such as brushes, templates, fonts, tools – plan your regular releases because chances are you’re going to develop similar products in the future. 

When you’re launches and releases are scheduled, you can see the big picture and how things are going to look like in your business. Then, you can break down the nitty-gritty details of marketing your offers. 

Then, set aside time to help your prospects understand more about your offers and why they need to buy them. Show behind-the-scenes creation process and how you’re building your programs and products. Stop with the surprise launch. They don’t work anymore. Let your customers in and make them want your offers so bad they won’t say NO to it.

Don’t feel guilty for selling your offers as much as you do. Instead, be proud of what you have created and sell it to as many people who need it. Be thankful that you’re in a position to help and you have the solution to what they need.

#6 Elevate Customer Experience

Your job doesn’t end at selling. And this is what most people get wrong. They think once the transaction is done, the deal is done too. 


When you’ve made the sale, that’s just the beginning of another relationship you need to nurture even more. This time, with your buyers.

You need to become the BEST when it comes to product delivery – whether it’s physical or digital products, workshops, courses, memberships and even coaching programs, you need to make sure your customers are taken care of and fully supported.

Make them love you even more by giving them an experience they’d want to share with everyone. 

When you deliver well, you will create success stories. And these stories are the ones that are going to help you sell more of your offers. 

Think first-class and economy. When you fly economy, you get generic services just like others. But when you fly first-class, you get taken care of even better. Your flying experience is amazing, you have a private space, with all the bells and whistles. 

It’s the same with your offers. Your offer should stand out from many others out there even after people have bought it. Provide more than just value. Think of different ways to help them better.

Clients are not just buying products or services, they are investing – to improve their lives, experiences, businesses and eventually their futures. Make them feel like they’re getting more than what they paid for. 

People don’t always remember their purchases but they remember the experience.

So make sure you create a remarkable experience for your customers and become an unforgettable brand.

#7 Plan and Execute

If you want your business to grow a lot faster, you need to run your business by design, not by default. 

There’s nothing wrong with going with the flow and letting things happen as they are. If you prefer to be the fly-by-seat-kind of business owner, that’s also your decision.

However, I’ve seen far more successes and rapid growth from people who have actual plans and strategies in place. 


Because they are not guessing what they need to do on any given day. They know exactly what they have to accomplish and they get it done. The operative word is “get it done”

A plan is not just a schedule. It’s your roadmap. If you don’t know where you’re going, you won’t know how to get there. So how do you start planning?

First, start with your goal. That’s your destination. Where do you want to be at the end of the year? 

Then, schedule the most important things in your life and business first. Mostly, these are non-negotiables like vacation, family time and projects.

In this case, projects are your offers – your launches and product releases. You need to know when they’re all happening since they are your money-makers.

Then break those down into monthly, weekly and daily activities so you can track your progress and not just guess what you’ve actually done.

With this, even if life throws you into loops, you have your plan as your guiding star. It doesn’t have to paralyze you because plans are made so you can shift things around with ease if needed so it works for you and your business. 

Now that you know the 7 Foolproof Ways to Grow Your Creative Business, which one do you find the most challenging to do?

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I'm Mye


My business is to help your business generate more revenue so you can be who you want to be.

I'm Mye


My business is to help your business generate more revenue so you can be who you want to be.