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Want to learn how your creative skills can help you pay the bills? I can help.

If you’re a hobbyist, aspiring letterer, experienced artist or a crafter looking for ways to make money online - kick your shoes off because you are HOME.

You don’t need to be famous, have powerful connections or wait for someone to represent you to make a living as an artist.

You CAN turn your hobby into a profitable income.

I’ll help you learn how to hand-letter like a pro and create work that actually makes money.

In a nutshell, I’ll help you create a body of work you’ll be so delighted to show off and tell the world - “Hey, I’m drawing letters for a living!” without batting an eyelash.

I’ve worked with clients like Apple Singapore, Pinterest, Penguin Random House, Workman Publishing, Faber-Castell, Pilot Pens USA. I also authored a book called Mastering Hand-Lettering to help aspiring artists learn the art of drawing letters.

I built my own business and made a consistent 6-figure income from hand-lettering and I can help you do the same. Best part is, you only need you. No fancy schmancy connections required to work with me.

I have always dreamed of making murals, so I started learning hand-lettering from Mye and even bought her Mastering Hand-Lettering book. Mye always says, share the kind of work you want people to hire you to do so that's what I did.

Now, I'm starting to get the job I really want to work on!

"3 months after putting what I learned from Mye into action, I got my first mural job!"


Lettering Artist & Designer

I was about to let my lack of confidence allow me to miss out on a big opportunity to letter a giant mural so I signed up Mye's programs to learn the skills I need so I can pitch my work. After going through half the modules, I decided to reach out to the business and offer my services and I got the job!

Thanks for breaking down the lettering basics in a way that makes it super easy to learn!

"While still in the program, I reached out to a client, offered my services and I got the job!"



Mastering Hand-Lettering

Mastering Hand-Lettering is my flagship program where I teach people the art of drawing letters - from basic to complex composition structures as well its many applications so you can create a compelling body of work that attracts not just clients but the high-paying ones. 

It includes both hand-lettering and business modules so you don't just get away with the skills but also the knowledge how to turn your passion into a profitable income source. 


The Letterers' Lounge

My membership program where you get access to monthly Masterclasses, Lettering Socials, Live Q&A, and exclusive Mentoring Sessions to help you grow as an artist and as a business-owner. Because, let’s face it, it’s tough doing things on your own. But if you have an army of like-minded people working to achieve a common goal and a mentor (yep, that’s me!) who can guide you through it, it becomes so much easier.


The Elite Creators 

My 6-month group coaching program where I work with an intimate group of artists/creatives to help them scale their businesses to 5 or even 6-figures..

Inside this Mastermind, we’ll work together on a weekly basis and create a strategy to develop your own Profit Multiplier. This is my signature technique that I don’t offer anywhere else. If you want to get dibs on how you can make your art/creative business more profitable, this is the best way to get my personal help.


Depending on your needs, there are different ways we can work together.

I enrolled in Mye's class without hesitation. As a lettering newbie, I knew that learning from a pro would be invaluable – and it certainly was! Now when I work on my lettering, I always refer back to her teachings. My work has become more cohesive and my own distinct style has emerged. I've seen consistent growth in my social media audience and I now have the confidence to take on projects that I would have been intimidated by a few months ago.

My lettering work has been featured on accounts like Goodtype and Procreate and I have even been interviewed on a couple podcasts about building a business as a letterer and designer – all within less than a year after working with Mye!

"I now have the confidence to take on projects that I would have been intimidated by before!"


Lettering Artist & Designer

"I sold out my coaching program and made $20K in one week!"

I've never made this much before in freelance and merchandise sale! I sought coaching from Mye because I wanted to take my individual ambition for being a creative coach to the next level.

Within 6 months, Mye helped me niche down my positioning statement as the side hustler’s creative coaching guy and craft a gameplan to build out my first ever 3 month coaching program.  She helped me tap into my love for copywriting/storytelling, leverage the power of email marketing, position my program as a premium service, gain confidence and clarity in what I was born to do.

Working with Mye was an absolute no-brainer!


Artist, Creative Coach & Perspective Podcast Host