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Whether you're starting to get your first client, create new digital offerings, dreaming of building your own creative business, or want to grow rapidly, I'm here to help you succeed.

Profitable Beginnings™

a 12-week course/coaching program

There's a simple philosophy to start and grow your online business. We start by cutting all the business gibberish you often see around. Profitable Beginnings™ was designed to help creative entrepreneurs build a strong foundation so they can rapidly start, grow and scale their business. 


Artist, Side Hustle Coach and Host of Perspective Podcast

I've never made this much before in freelance and merchandise sale! I sought coaching from Mye because I wanted to take my individual ambition for being a creative coach to the next level.

Within 6 months, Mye helped me niche down my positioning statement as the side hustler’s creative coaching guy and craft a gameplan to build out my first ever 3 month coaching program. She helped me tap into my love for copywriting, storytelling, leverage the power of email marketing, position my program as a premium service, gain confidence and clarity in what I was born to do.

Working with Mye was an absolute no-brainer!

I sold out my coaching program twice, launched a new product and made a total of $73K in less than a year!

Mastering Hand Lettering™


Mastering Hand-Lettering teaches people the art of drawing letters - from basic to complex composition structures as well its many applications so you can create a compelling body of work that attracts not just clients but the high-paying ones. It includes both hand-lettering and business modules so you walk away with not only the skills but also the knowledge of how to turn your passion into a profitable income. 


Lettering & Mural Artist

The best decision I made for my business. When I first signed up, I was unsure of my skills and desperately wanted to land my first mural client. The course helped me gain confidence to charge more for my work and I don't second guess my value anymore. I landed 12 murals in addition to several other projects during the first year of working part time in my business! 

The program has more than paid for itself and it boosted my confidence to offer services that I hadn't offered before!

Online Business Starter Kit

a toolkit for creatives who want to start an online business

Learn the 3 key things you need to have to get started with your business and how to make it sustainable. Get started and kickoff your business idea in no time using the principles in this kit. 


Mastering Hand Lettering Book

best-selling hand lettering book

Mastering Hand Lettering is the best lettering book for hand lettering beginners. If you've been wanting to learn the art of drawing letters, it's the perfect book for you.