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I eat strategy for breakfast and thrive in delivering results.

praise and success stories

“Mye is a genius at spotting what works!”

I've never seen a creative better at marketing their work and generously showing others how to do the same than Mye. She'll help you not just have a flourishing business but a highly-profitable one.

laura belgray

Founder, The Talking Shrimp

“Mye is a rockstar!”

Her ability to turn someone else's skills into a highly-profitable business is astonishing. She's a rare gem in the coaching industry.

ron reich

Business & Marketing Coach

“I had a successful course pre-launch that generated 6-figures in ONE week!”

Mye knows exactly how to turn ideas into extremely lucrative products and services. As a designer, I've hit the income ceiling and I wanted to break through it to have more time for me, my family and the agency.

She guided me seamlessly through the process of a successful pre-launch of my course, which generated an amazing 6-figures in ONE WEEK.

Without Mye, it would not have been a success.

James martin

Founder, Logo Life

“I made over $125,000 in my first year of

Working with Mye is an absolute no-brainer!

I've exploded my once side hustle into a thriving full-time creative business. I made over $125,000 in my first year of self-employment despite having a second kid and navigating a pandemic.

scotty russell

Creative Side Hustlers' Coach

“She's a gem!”

Mye leaves no stone unturned. She gives you highly actionable strategies, walks you through how to get people interested, what to put into your offers and how to market them with ease.

karen donaldson

Celebrity Communication and Body Language Expert, Certified Confidence Coach, International Speaker

“Mye is a true champion of all her students!”

She wants everyone to succeed. Her programs, support, and encouragement are key factors to making my first $16,000 doing my business part-time.

kimberly ann jones

Lettering Artist & Illustrator

“I made an EXTRA $52,000 in one year!”

I sold my first workshop and made $2,000 from my first launch! I gained confidence and offered this same workshop at a higher price 6 months later and made my first €10,000 (roughly $12,000) at the end of 2020! It was unbelievable! And in 2021, I made my highest side hustle income of $52,000!

Mye has truly been the initiator of this success. Her global market knowledge and specific strategies have offered strong foundations to sell with confidence. I'm super grateful to have met Mye at the right time on my journey to success!

laurence leman

Calligraphy Trainer & Coach

“Mye knows what can have the biggest impact in your business.”

She helps you look at what can have the biggest impact in your business that you haven’t thought about! She got me past my own limiting beliefs and look at other ways to monetize my artwork and skills.

erika dillon

Lettering Artist & Designer

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I'm Mye


My business is to help your business generate more revenue so you can be who you want to be.


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I'm Mye


My business is to help your business generate more revenue so you can be who you want to be.