How To Leverage The Power Of Daily Routines And Tiny Habits with James Martin


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How To Leverage The Power Of Daily Routines And Tiny Habits with James Martin

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Routines and habits are things that many people take for granted but most successful people see as the most important thing in their business and there’s a good reason for it.

Routines help us create habits that will eventually become embedded in our system to function at our optimal level. James Martin (a.k.a. Made By James) recognizes the power of these two and have successfully leveraged them to build a successful 6-figure brand identity design business.

In this episode, he’s sharing his beginnings, processes, routines and things that make you a successful creative in the industry.

What You’ll Learn In This Episode: 

  • How important it is to build habits and routines to help set you for your day
  • How to create a business system that allows you to have more time for yourself
  • What you need to try before niching down
  • James’ very own logo design process



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James Martin | Made By James

James is an award-winning brand identity designer and co-founder of Baby Giant Design Co. He grew up creative, developed his skills in illustration, became a teacher, then a tattoo apprentice, and now has been in the graphic design world for 15 years.

The knowledge and individual outlook he has allowed him to thrive in a competitive design industry. His willingness to share his creative process, offer honest advice, and engage with fans and followers on social media has earned him a reputation as a generous and wise mentor, and inspiration, especially to junior designers and those who are just getting started in the field.

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