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Welcome to the confident creators show

Your weekly dose of creative business tips, marketing, productivity, mindset and living your best life.

I'm Mye De Leon.

hey there!

Marketing Strategist, Author, Coach, Educator, Content Creator, Dreamer, Wife, Mother, Special Needs Advocate.

This is where I share weekly tips about creative business, marketing, mindset and living your best life.

I used to be ashamed of being called lazy and scared of what people might think when they know I don't work as hard. But I've worked 14-hour days in the past and I'm so over it. You might feel the same way and there's nothing wrong with that. 

And I'm here to help you grow and run a successful business by working less and still continue to make more.

INSPIREDINKS, United states

Full of Fabulous Information

I found the information that Mye shares so important that I listened to the first two episodes a second time with my kids ... and my kids even took notes!! Mye’s information in episode 4 spot on and I have a list of things I can take action on just from that. Thank you, Mye, for all that you are sharing!! You have great insight and your podcast is so supportive to the creative community. I can’t wait for the next episode!

From our listeners

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From our listeners

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i want to leave a review!



A true podcast for creatives looking to start or boost their business! A very honest talk, straight to the point and useful! Mye really has walked the walk and now she is sharing her experiences to help us out! You should really have this podcast on your library!

From our listeners

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regieb, philippines

Your Perfect Companion!

I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts and at first, I thought I’ll be hearing things that I already know with regards to mindset and limiting beliefs. What made this podcast unique is that Mye brings her own experiences and lessons she learned along the way. For someone like myself that’s also a parent trying to balance my creative side hustle with my day job, I can totally relate to her stories.

From our listeners

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Very Helpful and Relatable!

I have been looking up to Mye De Leon for a long time since I started my lettering journey. She aptly taps into the major roadblocks that prevent people for taking the leap.

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