How to Effectively Achieve Your Lettering Goals


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How to Effectively Achieve Your Lettering Goals


You’ve downloaded the free course.

Consumed all the content.

Now what?

Improving your lettering work will not happen magically – you need to put in the work!. Setting a goal to improve your lettering is the easy part. Anybody can set a goal.

The biggest question is, how are you going to do it?

This is where goals and system come in.

When you have a goal, you have a desire to accomplish something.

To achieve the goal, you make a plan.

The plan is a detailed approach that you will implement to achieve your goals.

That plan then becomes your system.

Sounds confusing? Let me break it down for you.

Maybe your goal is to create 30 lettering pieces in 30 days.

You have 30 days in a month and therefore, you know that you need to create at least one piece every single day.

Your system is to create one artwork everyday. It may appear to be doable but for the system to work accurately, you need to be more specific and intentional.

Let’s try to make this plan more actionable.

Plan: Create one lettering piece everyday

Actionable Plan: Create one lettering piece in 1 hour every day after breakfast

Do you notice the difference?

The first one gets you something that is doable. It’s easy to say you can create one artwork a day. But without the actionable approach, it becomes a task and something you need to accomplish within the 24-hour time frame.

Tasks without a plan don’t scream “this must be done“. It gives you the freedom to do it any time, until you forget about it. The danger is falling into the habit of not get anything done on day 1 and then planning to catch up on day 2, and it goes on until nothing is completed.


When you are given a choice, you’ll most likely choose the easier route and nothing will get done!

The actionable version includes a more measurable approach and a timeline. It screams “get it done” because you need to do it after breakfast and only for an hour. You’re not giving yourself the freedom to choose when or however you want to accomplish it. This accountability gives the task more weight.

Likewise, by doing it after breakfast, you’re connecting it to a daily routine. When you weave something into your existing routine, it becomes an unbreakable habit and it’s proven to be more effective and attainable.

“Goal is NOT measurable, System is.”

The more specific your system, the more you’re conditioning your mind and body to accomplishing it. By giving it a time frame of 1 hour, you are forcing yourself to create during that period of time. You’re not spending the time multitasking, but instead you become more focused on achieving what you have set to complete for the day.

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