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Pricing is such a controversial topic. Ethics gets in the way as you ask yourself, “Should I price low or is it alright to charge more?” What is the right thing to do? While others may have a different opinion on this, I believe it depends on how you want to be perceived as a […]

why is it ethical to charge more?

There’s probably one overbearing reason that you got into this industry: you want to make a profitable business out of your passion. You’re fueled by the need to make a living that’s sustainable because you have mouths to feed. Lucky for you, we live in this day and age where there’s a plethora of opportunities […]

How to Get High-Paying Clients

Have you ever felt guilty about wanting more money?  People keep saying, “Money is the root of all evil” like it’s the eleventh commandment.  Don’t you just shudder at the thought of going straight to hell for thinking about wanting money? We’ve been indoctrinated that wanting more of it is a sin and that it’s […]

makeMake More Money

BEFOREScotty has been side-hustling as an artist and coach, charging $100 for his services. It has always sold fast, but he felt he was undercharging. He wanted to expand his coaching business. WORKING WITH MYEHe learned new strategies to take his coaching to the next level and niched down as the Side Hustler’s Coach. He […]

Case Study Scotty Russell

How much should we charge for our work? It’s a typical question you’ll hear from so many artists.  Whether they graduate from design or business school, it seems like coming up with a pricing structure has been a struggle.  Watch how you can set your own rates using the different pricing models in this video […]

pricing for artists

It’s been four years now that I’ve been doing lettering for a living and a lot of people have asked how it all happened. Most people who knew me thought I’d stay in the corporate world for a long time because I have the skills and patience to succeed – or so they thought. I […]