Your easy-to-follow 30-day roadmap to turn your skills, knowledge and expertise into highly-profitable digital products that you can sell on autopilot...

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You're stuck in the same loop, trying to monetize your skills but keep getting more questions than answers.

You've dabbled in courses, tried the latest trends, but nothing seems to work for you.

Every step feels like a guess, and the dream of making online income is fading.

You want to turn your skills into profit, but don't know how to do it well.

Know this all too well?

Time's Ticking & The Scams Are Lurking

Don't let it happen to you...

  • Days, weeks and months are slipping away and you don't want to find yourself in the exact same spot over and over again. 

  • You recognize the need to take action, but the fear of being perceived as just another internet scammer, preying on people's trust and hard-earned money, holds you back.

  • The income you aspire to seems out of reach, fostering a mindset of limitation and undermining your self-confidence.

what if...

🎯 Crystal Clear Steps
No more second-guessing. Each day, a straightforward action.

📝 Scripts and Templates
You'll have ready-to-use tools at your disposal. 

🤖 Automation Mastery
Uncover the automation strategy that others charge you premium for.

30 days from now, you have a digital product, bringing you sales on autopilot.

And a business that generates income without working 40-hours a week.





Your easy-to-follow 30-day roadmap to turn your skills, knowledge and expertise into highly-profitable digital products that you can sell on autopilot...

  • you DON'T have a website
  • you DON'T have a huge following
  • you're NEW to digital products

This Playbook will teach you everything you need to know to identify, create, and sell your own digital product on social media!

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Inside the Playbook, you'll:



Discover how to identify and pick a product you can sell with ease

Figure out what type of product to create so you can leverage your skills best (guide, tools, ebook, templates, workshops)

Develop a simple product launch strategy for your digital product.

Learn how to build a social media following full of active buyers.

Learn how to sell your products on autopilot, using social media so you can make $$$ even while your sleep.

Create your very own growth plan so your business continues to evolve and increase profitability.






folding the laundry or washing the dishes

at the playground spending time with the kids

on a month-long vacation

enjoying your date night with your partner

hanging out with friends or relaxing at the spa


You're making money
on                 while you're:



"Mye knows exactly how to turn ideas into extremely lucrative products and services"

Founder, Logo Life®

$250,000 in 5 months!

This    for you if:


You want to finally start turning what you know into a low-maintenance income stream

You want to make consistent income every month without sacrificing time for your family

You're ready go all in on using social media to sell your digital products

You want to make money on autopilot and build a business that works even while you sleep (cliche but true)

You want to learn from someone who's already done it, and have shown remarkable results

It's probably       for you if:


you're looking to make big bucks without doing the work

you don't like using social media

you want to sell physical products



Ready to start your passive income biz with digital products?


30-Day Roadmap with clear, actionable steps to get results done every single day.

Welcome sequence to help you build and monetize your email list on autopilot.

Templates and mockups to make creation a whole lot easier for you.

What's inside the Playbook?

"Working with Mye is a no-brainer!"

Creative Side Hustlers' Coach

$125,000 in one year

Maximize your time by avoiding mistakes that costs you time and money.

With this solid framework, you'll be able to...

SKIP costly mistakes

Take action every single day with clarity and confidence.

avoid overwhelm

Kick second-guessing to the curb by simply following a framework that has proven to work for me and my clients.

create confidently

Sell repeatedly without sounding salesy and pushy.

sell with ease



This is a downloadable (and printable) ebook. Once you purchase, you'll have unlimited access to it including future updates.

is it ok to buy it even if i don't know what to sell yet?

Yes. Inside the Playbook, I'll teach you how you can identify your product idea, create it and start selling it using social media.

do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of the digital product, all sales are final and refunds are not available. Please DO NOT purchase if you're not sure about the product.

will this work for me?

As with any digital product, courses and coaching programs, results will vary depending on how fast you implement and how committed you are in taking action. 

I went from zero and hustled my way to making $2-3K monthly selling digital scrapbook kits, I lost everything and had to start over. I bounced back from that setback and eventually made $120,000+ on my first digital course.

Building my multi 6-figure business around my son's naptime, allowed me to simplify my business approach and use time efficiently.

I'm Mye.


I'm sharing everything I know from over 14 years of selling digital products and guide you on the path to simpler money-making strategies.

"I sold my workshop at a higher price and made my first $12,000 at the end of 2020!"

Calligraphy Trainer, RaRi Creation

extra $52,000 in one year



Ready to start your passive income biz with digital products?