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I never imagined hand-lettering could be a profitable business!

I used to think it was just a hobby and something we did in grade school! Drawing letters was fun when it seems like it was the only way to escape from the afternoon class boredom. Isn't it?

Until one day,  I got an email asking me to create an alphabet coloring book for children that change the direction of my career and improved my life.



This is how my lettering has transformed!

I discovered lettering during the most challenging time..

I needed to do something that would make me genuinely happy and feel good about myself... so I picked up a pen and paper, and created my first lettering in 15 years!

My personal method in better practicing lettering to improve faster!

60-page guide book 

Free Course!

my story

Yes, Please!

My first paid lettering project

When you create something that brings happiness not only to yourself but to others, people take notice. I got my first commission to create an alphabet coloring book for children 6 months after I began sharing my work!

Projects started coming in one after another and before I knew it, it was already my full time job! 

My first book

Poured my heart into creating my first book, Mastering Hand-Lettering which turned out to be a huge success! It was accepted well by the lettering community and received a lot of positive reviews!

It also gave me the opportunity to share my knowledge to more people globally! But it wasn't enough...

Here are some creations of my past students!

With all of these things going on, I received inquiries and messages from people asking how I do what I do so I started teaching and conducted in-person workshops, locally and abroad.

I started teaching!

I don’t simply practice what I preach...I practice what I TEACH. The lettering skills I show you? They have booked me clients like Penguin Random House, Workman Publishing, Hinkler Books. I can teach you how!


yOU TOO CAN Learn the skills that landed me projects with BIG companies