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It all started with a blog and a love affair for documenting my parenting journey

From getting obsessed about Google page rank to getting advertising clients, my little online business took off.

I dreamed of becoming a million-dollar entrepreneur, doing what I love and getting into any shop without worrying about the price tag.

How it all started vs how it's currently going are totally different story and one I'd love to share with you in this page.

I'm Mye

business strategist, coach, author, educator, wife, mom of 3 and a quintessential optimist.

I'm here because I believe that anyone can make a change both in their lives and the lives of other people they connect with...

I'm obsessed about finding ways to create income growth without working many hours. Find a laid back CEO and you'll have—moi! 

They key is knowing how to leverage both your strengths and weaknesses to get what you want.

If there's one thing I learned in owning a business and running one is that failures are not mistakes, they're lessons for us to learn from.

Your set backs can be your comebacks. 

It's easy to drown and wallow in despair when life doesn't seem to go our way. So I created this space to give you the tools to create more wealth and the mindset to help you get there.

Go from being the "business owner" to being the "CEO" and the visionary. Your time is NOW.


my story

It was a product of a desire to document my twin daughters' milestones. Writing an online diary (a.k.a. blog) was the cool thing then. That blog started attracting advertisers.

My first online payment was $5! From there, it grew to $15, $50, $100, $500. Blogging was my job until I discovered digital scrapbooking, got obsessed and started documenting my twin daughters' milestones.

But the constant spending on kits made me realize something—instead of buying, why don't I create my own scrapbook kits?

I taught myself Photoshop, created my kits and landed a spot to sell my products in a scrapbook shop in 2019. From then, I got accepted selling in other shops alongside brands like Basic Grey, Echo Park, and Carta Bella.  I went from $500 monthly income to $2,000 monthly.



I didn't always have this business, the multi-6-figure income, or the laid-back life...

From doodling at nap time - to professional hand-letterer, author and educator!

In between nursing on the sofa, I’d post my lettering on Instagram with no intention to ever make money from it. It was simply my way to stay sane.

Until I got an offer to create an alphabet coloring book. This offer changed my life. I then got more lettering projects and have steadily grown my business getting 5-figure client deals. I only needed to work with a few projects to get my annual revenue goal.

Then in 2012, I gave birth to my third child, Alphonse who was born with Down Syndrome, congenital heart disease called Tetralogy of Fallot, and other medical conditions.

I had a successful career as a scrapbook designer but I had to stop designing so I can focus on my boy. I went from busy to… jam-packed-stressed-beyond-relief.

I coped with this major life change by squeezing in work during the short time that he napped and discovered a creative activity that fit in that tiny window of opportunity - hand lettering. It became my escape, my way to express myself.

Little did I know…a new career was about to start.


As more people come to discover about lettering and wanting to learn what I do, I started sharing my process through my FREE Styling the Alphabet Guide. It helped thousands of aspiring letterers.

In 2017, that little 70-page guide officially became Mastering Hand Lettering book! 

It sold out on Amazon on its first week and has been one of the best-selling lettering books online.

My passion became a book!




Teaching became an essential part of my growth...

I enjoyed the process of sharing my knowledge and teaching others not only how to hone their skills but also how they can successfully make it a profitable career and business.

In 2019, I officially launched my flagship course ,
Mastering Hand-Lettering Program.

That same year, I launched The Elite Creators VIP to provide 1:1 coaching for those who wanted to rapidly grow their business.

And today, I'm the CEO of MDL Group, LLC. where we help business owners, coaches, and course creators scale their businesses through funnels, courses and coaching.

At the same time, I made it my mission to help others get their first 6-figure year for free so they can work with me when they're ready.




as seen in

Everything changed.

We were able to provide better (and more) therapies for Alphonse, my husband left his corporate job, we were able to travel abroad together with the kids, and we finally bought a new house! 

I have the life I really wanted!

but my mission remain the same

To help more ordinary people like you and me achieve the same level of success - if not more. You can dream, do what you love and make plenty of money in the process! 

You don't have to work harder. I'll show you what to focus on so you can make progress a lot faster. 


Which means, I sell courses and digital products and it's how I make a living (we all need to, right?)
And I'm proud and truly grateful that I'm able to help a lot more people in doing so. 

If you're looking to build and grow your online business, I'm your new BFF. If you want to hang out for a bit... I share a lot of content about how to do it faster than you ever thought you will. 

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And I do this through my paid programs and FREE content

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what i'm 


Decaf soy cappuccino with a slice of wheat bread and almond butter for breakfast, not cooking, not doing the laundry and not cleaning the house anymore. I love the freedom! (yay to delegation)

what i'm 


To take it slow and easy and celebrate the mundane because little things do have bigger meanings and purpose. Be present more.

what i'm 

not about

The hustle culture. While I understand the importance of doing the work, I found that a more focused approach is way healthier.

what i 


Working smarter is going to get you to place way more than working harder. 

I'm 100% woo and have a secret obsession with marketing books and crime series. 

I prefer cake over ice cream, spaghetti over carbonara, food tripping with my husband, spa with my girls and running after Alphonse in the garden with our 2 dogs.

me in a nutshell

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I'm Mye


My business is to help your business generate more revenue so you can be who you want to be.


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I'm Mye


My business is to help your business generate more revenue so you can be who you want to be.