Growing Your Business From Client Work To Digital Products with Jimbo Bernaus


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Growing Your Business From Client Work To Digital Products with Jimbo Bernaus

Client work is typically the path that most creatives go to when they start building their business.

It’s because most of the time, our work are seen by creative directors, marketing agencies who are looking for artwork for their brands and other marketing needs. Creatives have been crucial to the marketing efforts of many businesses until today.

But how do we, as creatives transition from this type of work so we can grow our business exponentially?

In this episode, I get to talk with a brilliant digital artist, Jimbo Bernaus who has expanded his business from only accepting client work to creating and selling digital products and most recently, teaching.

Listen to the full episode as Jimbo shares his journey and the reason why he wanted to expand the business and how he did it.

What You’ll Learn: 

  • Why expanding from client work is crucial if you want to grow your business and grow as a creative.
  • How your experiences can help you grow as a better business owner.
  • Why it’s important to build your community to help you grow your business.


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Jimbo Bernaus

Jimbo Bernaus is an accomplished hand lettering artist and graphic designer, Jimbo is most known for the powerful colour palettes and clever design techniques he uses to demonstrate mastery of the form. Many of his pieces are accented with floral embellishments, a design motif that has captured the attention of thousands across social media. Today, the Croatia-based designer is the co-founder of BAM! Creative Studio (also known as ShoutBam on Instagram), which specialises in letter crafting, illustration and digital and educational products to help amateur letterers enhance their skills.

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