How to Find Focus and Block Out Noise


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How to Find Focus and Block Out Noise

By now we’re all tired of hearing about 2020 being an unprecedented year with its challenges and what not but you’ve got to admit, apart from the dreaded pandemic and the whole world being in chaos for months, this year also taught us so many lessons.

We learned to value the tiniest things in life – like handshakes, hugs, casual conversations, coffee dates and even strolling outside for fresh air. 

Business-wise, the pandemic, we all can agree has made a tremendous impact for so many of us,  both negatively and positively. And with the many changes we’ve had to adapt to this year, there were definitely days we lost focus and gave in to the noise around us. And you know what, that’s totally ok because I definitely had those days too, the key thing is to not beat up ourselves over it.

So in this episode, we’ll talk about how we can find focus and block out noise despite the very challenging setup of our very unpredictable dilemma that is covid19.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to turn your 2020 around and become more productive despite the uncertainty
  • How to work efficiently, get more done in less time using my Deep Work strategy
  • Why it’s important to focus on work if you want to do the things you love
  • Why it’s important to start trusting yourself first before you ask other people to trust you
  • How to eliminate distractions so you can stay focus


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