Abundance in Life, Business and Creativity with Deepshikha Sairam


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Abundance in Life, Business and Creativity with Deepshikha Sairam

Artists and creatives are notoriously branded as “starving.” And somehow this perception has perpetuated the mindset of many creators and therefore result in the belief that it’s difficult to make a decent living with art.

But things have changed so much and we’re not blessed with opportunities to better our lives by making a living online. Yet something still lingers – the lack mentality.

In this episode with Deepshikha Sairam, we’ll talk about the 3 modalities you can observe in your daily life and habits that will help you create more abundance in your life, business, and even in your creativity.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Two reasons why most people have the lack mentality
  • How to get out of the lack mentality
  • What to do to help create an abundance mindset



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Deepshikha Sairam

Deepshikha Sairam is a Spiritual Mentor and Self Worth Coach for high achieving women entrepreneurs helping them go from restless and chaos to serenity and calm. She uses a delicious mix of spiritual and energy work to help them match their inner state to their outer reality while guiding them back to their true nature.

She has been featured in Entrepreneur, Tiny Buddha, Elephant Journal, Self Magazine and the award-winning Marie TV.

When not couped up in her New Jersey suburban home, you can find this mama of 2 boys with her nose in a psychological thriller or watching reruns of Game of Thrones like her life depended on it.

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