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Wow! I don’t know how I am going to start this post because tears have started coming out already. These are my babies. And they’ve grown so fast. These two can’t wait to meet mom already and had to be born prematurely at 31 weeks and stayed for a month at the NICU to gain weight. They were so […]

Bits of Life

A scrapbooker can never have enough yummy goodies! We never get tired of them and we always make room for new ones. And even if there have been a ton of mails that already arrived in our mail box, we will always be jumping out of joy when a new one arrives. Because that’s how […]

Bits of Life

I’ve finally took the plunge and updated to iOS7. I was too afraid to update any kind of OS not just because of the change but also because of the bugs and strange issues that comes along with it. Well, this time no bugs and no issues so far and I’m kind of loving the […]

Bits of Life

If you are looking for the Washi Tape Giveaway, please check here. The twins have enjoyed their 1 week Term 3 break last week. I had them play what they want, when they want and just have fun! I cancelled their Chinese tutor just so they’ll get a full week of enjoying themselves and not […]

Bits of Life

Finally, I’m taking the plunge! I decided to join Ali Edward’s Week in the Life this year! It’s my first time, but I’m very excited about it. School Term 3 ends and the twins have no classes this week so I was able to sleep in for another 2 hours (yay! to me). This boy was […]

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