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As week came to a close, I’ve taken less pictures. Weekends are my busiest days with everyone being at home all day – my kids, husband, housemates (yes, we have housemates!) It was a day of marketing, cooking, working a bit and movies with hubby. Here’s a look at how our Sunday went. Less pictures […]

We have relatively less photos today. It’s a busy day with friends coming over so I have to prepare lunch and then prepare for an afternoon gathering as well. This is what I came to when I get back in the room – daddy and baby. Yeah, this is how they roll. Here’s how this […]

Woke up feeling like I have the most amazing sleep of the year! So, I started work early today while everyone is still in bed. I love this quiet time. Alphonse is up but he’s in the crib playing and it’s fun to just listen to the sounds he’s making. I plan to do a […]

  This year is my first year of doing Week in the Life project and so far, I am enjoying it. Not just because I get to take a lot of pictures but the process of being able to document an entire week, intensively with photos and words. My goal for today is to limit […]