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Good morning my fellow photographers and scrappers! It seems like forever since I last wrote to  you all about the basics of f-stops and exposure settings as well as  focal length. We are talking this week about ISO and how that affects our photos and we will finish up our beginner photography tutorials next month […]

Happy Monday everyone! Last month, we began a new series of photography tutorials that will cover the basics of photography. We started with a lesson on  focal length. This week, we continue the series with a look at f-stops and exposure settings.  If you have, or are interested in purchasing, a DSLR camera then these […]

Good Morning!! It’s Tamara here, back from a long, and much needed writing break! Have you ever had those times when life seems to overwhelm you and no matter what you do, you just sink deeper and deeper? Well, that has been my last year! Between a sick parent, a graduating child, going back to […]

Good Morning everyone! I hope that you had a fantastic weekend! I spent some time with my family, took a much needed break from the computer and just got to RELAX! That doesn’t happen very often, but it sure was nice to have my mama fuss over me a little and make me some great […]

Happy Monday Scrappers!  Tamara here, back with another fun photography tutorial for you today!  Each week, through these tutorials, I am going to try and touch on all aspects of scrap booking, such as learning our scrapping software,  beginner and advanced digital scrapbooking techniques, and, of course, photography!  We scrap because we want to show […]

When I started out on my scrapbooking journey four years ago, Photoshop Elements was my very first purchase because I had heard it was simple and easy to use and a great tool for the beginning scrapbooker.  I discovered, however, that not only was it a great  tool for the beginning scrapbooker, but it was […]