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When I first launched my personal project in January 2015, I never expected anything from it. I was drawing letters just for fun! I wanted a diversion from this melancholy that I can’t seem to get over with so the Type B personality in me thought of something better to do – for sanity’s sake.

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Happy Thanksgiving! There are so many things that happened this year – unexpected passing of my father-in-law, health issues for almost every member of my, financial setback. But, there are a lot more things to be thankful for as well! We were able to hire a caregiver for my little boy, a new and permanent […]

I did this quote a while back and I want to show you how it evolved from my first design to this one. I love it because this quote hits home. I grew up with very low self-esteem. I have always doubted that I can do something good and in every single thing I do, […]

I spent my weekend resting (and coughing) but I finally got some time off. It was a good break. How did you spend your weekend? This lettering series has been rather exciting and exhausting but overall – FUN! I did get a lot of new ideas to incorporate in my own work as well.  Why […]

It’s a great feeling every single time I’ll get to finish something I’ve drafted, inked, cleaned and refined for hours! This Autumn inspired print was made to coordinate a digital scrapbook product I was working and I thought of making some prints out of it. Unfortunately, because some parts of the site is still being […]

Like I told you earlier this week, there is a reason why I wasn’t posting all of my new handlettering for the 365 series. I am waiting for this day! so I can post everything and share it with you all! It’s Mother’s Day and I thought, what’s the best gift I can ever give […]

Before I went to bed last night, I was thinking about the quotes I am supposed to share this week. I always wonder what people will say if I don’t post as regularly as I do. But, believe me, there’s a reason for that. Last month, I began my journey to explore scripts and see […]

Day 117 Well, this is a first. You haven’t seen me post anything like this for like since i started my design career. But lately, i’ve been feeling like i’m not giving my all and i need to give myself a slap in the face and wake up! It’s going to be another month tomorrow. […]

Day 116 – a powerful quote from Buddha. “What We Think, We Become”

Day 115 – Creative minds are rarely tidy.