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Did you miss this guy? I seriously can’t remember when was the last time I posted something about him. I know I promised I’ll keep you updated on his progress and I do – on social media. Not so much here so for today, let’s keep the blog about him since he owns part of […]

March 21 | Today is World Down Syndrome Day Down Syndrome is a chromosomal disorder wherein a person has a 3rd copy of chromosome 21 – thus, it is called Trisomy 21. I will not go deeper into its definition. But if you’re a first time reader in this blog, you may read the story […]

This has been a long delayed post but I haven’t forgotten that October is Down Syndrome Awareness month. Being a mother of a child who was born with Down Syndrome, I became a part of the community who wanted to help educate and spread information about the extra 21st chromosome. When my child was born, […]