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Well hello! This is a pretty awesome and busy month but I want to stop by to tell you that you can win one of my I Collect Memories series! Yes, you can and it’s really very easy! Simply join me at Mye De Leon Group at The Pocket Source and just say hello to […]

Change is something most people are afraid of. As for me, I welcome change with open heart and open mind. I like new things, new adventures, new challenges. That defines me. As I embark the biggest change I have ever made in my designing career, I admit that there is a bit of fear. Will […]

Someone is dancing happily today! I hope you are thrilled and just as excited as me because today officially starts my guesting at The Lilypad! I’ve got 3 packs for the August BYOC (build-your-own-collab) and they are on sale through the weekend. TEAM INSPIRATION To celebrate my guesting at The Pad, I’m giving this to […]

June Company Stash has arrived a day early at the SHOP! It’ll be on sale for 30% off until June 5th. Here are the rest of my coordinating packs. Also, there are 2 new regular releases this week and both are 20% off thru Sunday And finally, today, I am happy to announce some changes […]

Hey folks! Jeryn, here. *waving* I’m working with Mye on the backend of things so you’ll see me more often on the blog! It’s New Year’s Day here in the States but you know what else is happening today that’s equally exciting? Yup. It’s Pixels and Company day. Mye’s store is officially open for business! […]

It’s been quiet around here lately. My pregnancy is getting a little more difficult each day. I traveled back to Manila to be with family during the holidays and my anticipated child birth. Currently, I am on my 34th week and I still have a few weeks to bake this baby. Though, it has been […]

Exciting things are bound to happen here at! Over the next couple of days, you will see different things in this blog than the usual products I have been posting here over the last 2 years. It is time for a good change and finally, I will be sharing with you a lot of […]

Good Morning Scrappers! It’s time to pack your bags!! After several years at Gotta Pixel and Scrap Matters I am closing my doors and getting ready to go on a HUGE journey!  Even though it is sad to say goodbye to the store I called home and the people I have called friends, I am […]

Good morning scrappers! Just stopping in to give you a little bit of last minute news! For all of you who haven’t purchased any of the products that are being retired but you are wanting to get them, please visit my Scrap Matters store or MyMemories stores and pick them up today!  Don’t forget that […]

The year 2011 has been starting beautiful so far! I will be having a couple of featured spot this year and this is the first! I am elated to have been featured along with the other famous designers out there . Together with my featured spot is a free mini that I will be sharing […]