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Bunting kind of makes me happy so today’s illustration is no exception. I love it because it depicts fun and celebration. I hope this one brings you joy too!

I’m learning so much about Western holiday traditions through this project. We grew up celebrating Christmas in a different way. When December arrives, children will gather together and will sing Christmas carols from house to house. The house owner will give a few cents in return for their singing and the children will then split […]

Day 4 of our advent calendar is a Snowman! Being born in a tropical country, we didn’t get to make our snowman during this time of the year but I’m still lucky because I get to play with it through my drawings. This is my fun illustration of what I want my snowman to be […]

I grew up in a province in the Philippines and as a kid, our Christmas trees are nothing like the fancy pine trees. Ours are dried trees which my grandfather will collect from a forest. He’ll bring something home and together we will wrap them up with white crepe papers. When it’s all wrapped, we […]

Today’s illustration was a bit of a challenge because I’m not really drawing so many characters and I believe it’s my weakness so it’s something I need to work on and I hope to do more character illustrations in the coming months – just as much as I’ve challenged myself to do more lettering this […]

I have challenged myself so much this year but I still think I have to do more and BETTER. Last year, I got fascinated by the Advent Calendar illustration challenge in Instagram but I chickened out last minute because I was too focused on my shop. I missed a lot of great opportunities to learn […]