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Some of these flowers were included in my Day 3 Patter Play. I continued playing with them today and added few more and of course, the handlettering. So fun! Have a happy Monday friends!

Day 3 has some kind of a twist – I used some illustrations from the Day 1 and added a few more drawings of flowers and birds and acorns and turned it into a pattern! I think I fell in love with this one so consider this a sneak peek of an upcoming product.

We went out today so this came in a bit late but I manage to do something that was exactly on my mind last night. I did a bit of fun hand lettering the quote and it came out quite nice, I like it.

It’s Day 1 and today, I fell in love with mushrooms and fungi. I was looking for some inspiration to draw today and went digging into the fridge and found some mushrooms. Unfortunately, those weren’t enough to get the inspiration flowing so I dove into Pinterest and did more research and I couldn’t believe my […]

If you have been reading my blog, you’ll know that my life has been pretty much challenging over the last couple of months. I did manage to move to the road of recovery though and I’m thankful that I finally got my sanity back. I had that feeling that I was totally at lost for […]