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I’ve got a new look on my title page! It’s the first time I’ve done it this way but for the sake of having fun, I tried it and yeah, it looked good. It was kind of a little empty though so I added more sequins to fill up the space. This is the week […]

I probably have to admit that this week has the least photo amongst all my spreads. I got sick this week and the cough is crazy. I’ve no mojo to take pictures because I was in bed for a few days. It’s a good thing my sister-in-law was around to help with the kids. It […]

It’s Week 43 and there’s only about 9 more weeks before the year ends. Can you believe that? Funny thing is, I’ve never gotten tired of this project and it seems like every week, I get more and more excited doing my spreads. I’ve taken less photos this week but I’ve got an amazing kit […]

It feels like forever since I last posted Week 41. And it feels cathartic to have completed 4 weeks worth of project life spread which I will be posting in the next couple of days. Today, I’m focusing on our Week 42 This week has been pretty simple for us. My sister-in-law arrived in Singapore […]

It’s Week 41! And I totally love this week’s spread – i love the soft and muted colors. Only a few more weeks to end the year and I have to catch up on the weeks I missed early this year (soon to be posted here). Highlights of the Week |¬†Alphonse is steadily gaining better […]

It’s Week 40! I can’t believe we are only just 12 more weeks in 2013. And yes, I am still loving this project. Alphonse has pretty much gained better control of his head and he can now turn longer than before and he’s loving it. His sisters are very fond of him and he’s always […]

Noticed the small week title? I love love love this card and I wanted to highlight the design so I make my title smaller. It’s cute! Highlights of the Week: Alphonse is back for his 6th PT session. We came in at 10AM and he’s already agitated so the therapy became even more difficult for […]

I’m so happy to be presenting Week 38 to you! I’ve got some loots 2 weeks ago and my Studio Calico kits arrived too so my Project Life spreads have become more alive this week! And I love it! (or course, I do love all the Becky Higgins’ ones too – call me nuts!) Highlights […]

As you all know, I’ve joined Week in the Life project by Ali Edwards last week so there is no project life update from me. It was a really cool and fun project and I can already see myself doing it again next year. The album is yet to be done but it’s coming together […]

It’s week 34 already and I’m still loving this project! I have never done and accomplished anything like this before and it feels like it’s a great achievement! I believe I’m getting close to achieving my goal of taking more pictures of the kids every day. It’s nice to have an iPhone in handy. But […]