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Wow! I don’t know how I am going to start this post because tears have started coming out already. These are my babies. And they’ve grown so fast. These two can’t wait to meet mom already and had to be born prematurely at 31 weeks and stayed for a month at the NICU to gain weight. They were so […]

It’s Teacher’s Day here in Singapore today and the girls spent their afternoon and evenings doing their cards to be given to all their teachers (they don’t want to miss any of them) so they created a list and make sure they cross out the ones they’ve already done. They were pretty organized (more than […]

Photographs used to be a challenge to me. I don’t know what to capture. I always aim for perfection. I always care about how the shots will look like. And I am always mindful about what other people will say about it. That kind of attitude changed a lot when I changed my perception about […]

I have been enjoying instagram lately (yeah, you can call me a late bloomer). I know it’s been around for quite a while but I have yet to see the benefits of using it. Lately, my girls and I wanted more photos and since I can’t always bring out the camera, iPhone came in handy […]

Doodling, playing, writing and sometimes a tiny bit of crafting are what makes my little girls very happy. So simple yet so precious and memorable. These are the exact everyday memories that I have been meaning to keep and pretty soon, there will be loads of albums at home for them to look at.