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Like I told you earlier this week, there is a reason why I wasn’t posting all of my new handlettering for the 365 series. I am waiting for this day! so I can post everything and share it with you all! It’s Mother’s Day and I thought, what’s the best gift I can ever give […]

Day 117 Well, this is a first. You haven’t seen me post anything like this for like since i started my design career. But lately, i’ve been feeling like i’m not giving my all and i need to give myself a slap in the face and wake up! It’s going to be another month tomorrow. […]

Day 116 – a powerful quote from Buddha. “What We Think, We Become”

Day 115 – Creative minds are rarely tidy.

Day 114 – Stay humble. Work hard. Be kind.

Day 113 – Be the gift that you most want to receive – Marie Forleo.

Day 112 – Every artist was first an amateur, Ralph Waldo Emerson. Have you ever felt intimidated showing your work to the world because you feel it’s too amateur-ish? I’m guilty. But part of getting your name and work out there is by simply sharing it. I believe in the power of sharing. Yes, you […]