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kids crafts | teacher’s day cards


It’s Teacher’s Day here in Singapore today and the girls spent their afternoon and evenings doing their cards to be given to all their teachers (they don’t want to miss any of them) so they created a list and make sure they cross out the ones they’ve already done. They were pretty organized (more than their mom). So, since I’ve got a baby to take care of, I won’t be able to assist them and thus, can’t let them use the scissors and other cutting tools. Then, a brilliant idea came to mind – the Project Life 4×6 journaling cards!


So, the work begins. Each grabbed their own cards, pen and my journaling pen. I gave them some of my embellishments  and off they went crafting. I told them to be simple – just write their message and put a little embellishments.


These are the cards that Scieszka made. There were actually 5 of them (obviously, I missed the other one). She’s not satisfied with the embellishments I gave her so she added some drawings in each of the cards and that Terrific stamp which I believe she bought from her school’s book shop.


These are Elysia’s card. Don’t ask me, because I don’t know why she had 7 (this kid just loves every teacher she had in school and probably some others too). I simply loved the cards and I hope their teachers love them as much. I am a proud mother.

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  1. Terrie West says:

    I love those journaling cards. What a great idea!! Where can I get some of those? My girls love making cards too 🙂

    • Mye De Leon says:

      Terrie, they are Becky Higgins Project Life journal cards 🙂 you can search for Project Life in Amazon 🙂

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