4 Reasons Why You Need to Start Investing in Yourself


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4 Reasons Why You Need to Start Investing in Yourself

Has this idea crossed your mind?

You saw someone selling a workshop or a course, and you tell yourself – why are they even selling that? You can practically get access to everything for free these days! And what about spending thousands of dollars hiring a business coach? Are they nuts?

Say it, if you’ve thought this way. No judgment here because I was exactly like you years ago. 

​I was stubborn. I want to make it and prove to the world I was born for something great. And I decided I was going to be cheap about it. Choosing not to spend my money.

I’d always tell myself, “I can get that information on YouTube!” I can still learn things without having to spend a penny. 

And the reason for my mindset then was that I was already making $2000-$3000 monthly from my scrapbook designs. I never dreamed of making it big or earning more because that 2-3K a month? Coming from a third world country, I considered that a lot of money, and I was satisfied with that.

It’s way above the national average in my country so I have my safety net, and if I can just continue making the same amount every single month, we’re good. 

It was the perfect scenario until it wasn’t.

In this episode, you’ll learn why it’s important to invest in yourself in order to see massive growth in your career and/or business.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The importance of learning and why paying for something gives you a better chance at actually implementing.
  • How to cut through overwhelm and get clarity faster
  • How you can level up your business faster
  • Why investing in yourself can help you increase your ability to make more money
  • How having a support group of like-minded people can help you accomplish way more than doing things alone


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