How to Turn Your Fear Into a Tool That Drives Action


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How to Turn Your Fear Into a Tool That Drives Action

turn fear into excitement

Today is the launch of The Confident Creator Show!  And we’re starting the celebrations with a 3-part series on tackling the most common roadblocks for creatives and business owners so you can get the success mindset to finally reach your goals.

I’ve been a guest on a number of podcasts and producing my own has been in the works for the longest time. This is an exciting adventure for me because this podcast was created for you to get inspiration, tips, strategies to start and grow your own creative business.

In this pilot episode, we’ll talk about the number 1 thing that’s holding you back from doing what you want – FEAR.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How fear and excitement are actually the same feelings.
  • Turn your negative and fearful emotion into positive excitement.
  • Shift your mindset to create and do the things you want.
  • A simple exercise that helps you turn you refocus your thoughts.
  • Why other people succeed and others don’t.


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