2013 project life | week 39


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2013 project life | week 39


Noticed the small week title? I love love love this card and I wanted to highlight the design so I make my title smaller. It’s cute!


Highlights of the Week:

Alphonse is back for his 6th PT session. We came in at 10AM and he’s already agitated so the therapy became even more difficult for him as he cried the entire session – nonstop. After this hospital appointment, we went straight to Paper Market to meet Jacq and together we found some good things to bring home with us. That same afternoon, I missed my Studio Calico kit delivery so I had to go to the post office the following day to claim it. Boy, was it awesome!

Scieszka went home one day and showed me her illustration of the book she just read in school. I can’t believe my eyes when I saw it. It was waaaay better than I would do. The girl sure has talent. The final photo at the bottom was Alphonse and his dad while watching TV together. I super adore them together specially when A is enjoying his company.


Later in the week, A and I went to Changi Airport to meet Neva, a fellow blogger and a mother whom I met from the Down Syndrome Association of the Phils., Inc. (DSAPI). It was a wonderful experience to meet her and A likes her too!

Alphonse turned 9 months this week. We didn’t get to celebrate like how we did in the early months because we spent the weekend at Health and Promotion Board for the annual checkup of the twins. They met their new ENT doctor. A little sad but anticipated, they were both diagnosed with mild neuro sensory hearing loss. There is no treatment for that but the good thing is, the hearing loss is in the high frequency range so they can still live normal lives without hearing aids.

After the checkup, we went straight to their favorite fast food, Jollibee to celebrate A’s 9 months. It was overall a tiring but happy week.



Studio Calico’s September Double Scoop Project Life kit and flairs
Dear Lizzy Alpha
My Mind’s Eye Brads by Jen Allyson
Maya Road – wood veneer
Basic Grey Alpha



Project Life is a memory keeping system created by Becky Higgins. Core Kits and supplies used for 2013 album can be found HERE. All of my Project Life posts can be found HERE.

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