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2013 project life | week 34


It’s week 34 already and I’m still loving this project! I have never done and accomplished anything like this before and it feels like it’s a great achievement!


I believe I’m getting close to achieving my goal of taking more pictures of the kids every day. It’s nice to have an iPhone in handy. But I’m also slowly trying to learn how to use the DSLR because, let’s admit it, the photos will look even better. But for now, my mobile phone is my best friend.

Week 34 highlights: It is the week of the sickies! Although fever has been around the house for quite some time, it was this week when Elysia was down with it plus hand, foot and mouth disease so she was advised not to go to school for a week. It was her exam week but fortunately, her medical certificate will cover her for that.

Alphonse has started grabbing things this week and when Kris tried to let him hold his phone, he immediately responded. You know how these milestones are so important to us. And I can’t let it escape without capturing the moment. Just perfect.


Week 34 Tip 1: I’ve included a snapshot of a Facebook conversation of my daughter Scieszka and her daddy where she’s asking permission to use his laptop. I should’ve noticed I interchanged the photos so please forgive me for that.


Another week of therapy for the baby boy but this week, he started liking the things he previously hated like the tripod exercise and the tummy time. He did not cry when auntie Shelly (his therapist this week) gave him the exercises. However, the last 20 minutes of the session made him really tired and sleepy so he got upset when the ball exercise started.

The girls are still playful than ever. We went home on Friday  (it’s their playground day) and I saw them playing camping with their friend Jaime. They are so creative that they managed to pull all those leaves and small branches together to form a campfire. Pretty cool.


Scieszka has started working on more art projects and she keeps them all in her Art Journal notebook. I know both of the girls have this notebook but apparently, the younger twin is still a little irresponsible with her things. Both of them love art and I love that they do.


We ended the week with a family dinner at a Korean restaurant nearby but when we were just about to finish, Alphonse started crying and he was agitated so we went home quick. I never got the chance to have a family picture taken, too bad. Well, at least I was able to take a picture of the bbq.

Week 34 Tip 2: I was spelling out Korean backwards when I was putting the photo title but I found out that I have no more “K” in my Dear Lizzy alpha so I mixed it up with an Amy Tangerine one and hey, it still looks good!



Clementine Kraft ACselphy  amytangerineyesplease

I also used some elements from Pebbles and more papers and embellishments by Amy Tangerine.

Project Life is a memory keeping system created by Becky Higgins. Core Kits and supplies used for 2013 album can be found HERE. All of my Project Life posts can be found HERE.

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