2013 project life | week 31-32


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2013 project life | week 31-32


Last week was a pretty busy week! I did get my weekly spreads done but was not able to post them so you’ll be seeing 2 weeks today.


It’s funny how our week started with a lot of photos of Alphonse during his therapy session. Nothing during the middle of the week and ended up having lots of photos again on a Sunday with the twins’ biking schedule with daddy.

A resume PT but he was still rejecting it and he got even agitated when the therapist tries to move his body for exercises. It felt like we’ve wasted the whole session with him crying all the time but of course, we didn’t want to force his body too much as well.


This second spread is the reflection of our happy Sunday at the park. The twins enjoyed going out biking again and I get to take their photos. This is probably the first time that my husband is getting solo pictures in this album. He is not very sociable and doesn’t want his pictures to be taken a lot but this week, he gave in. My favorite part on this spread is my Amy Tangerine paper with my sunshine picture on top. Just the perfect finishing touch for the week.



Another favorite of the week is this hybrid card from my Brave collection. The colors and theme are quite perfect for my photos of the week.


I believe this is the first week I’ve done so far that has a lot of photos and I am so happy about it. There’s just too many memories to keep and if I ain’t doing this, they will all just pass by – forgotten.

Elysia gave me a present this week. She said it’s a cookie wrapped present and I loved it. She got the papers from my stock of gift wraps and did the wrapping herself. Clever little girl. Their first Singapore class picture arrived this week too and it feels nice to see them along with all other nationalities in this country.

We also celebrated the 48th National Day of Singapore! It’s a long weekend here but the girls participated in the school’s commemoration of this very special day. I can only take photos of the flags because we weren’t in the school to watch the program.


A pretty busy week with a birthday party and a meet up! This week, my friend Tinee and her daughter Caitlyn celebrated their birthday and we got to join them in their special day (it’s Alphonse’s first party too). We met old friends and it is so nice to see them again. My week ended up with a meet up. I am lucky to be able to see my fabulous hybrid gal, Audrey and another Singaporean scrapbooker, Agnes (who’s now my text mate). The fun part is, I’ve got to take a break from the household duties and have  coffee and cake with friends!



Clementine Kraft ACselphy   mye_bravebundlethumb

Project Life is a memory keeping system created by Becky Higgins. Core Kits and supplies used for 2013 album can be found HERE. All of my Project Life posts can be found HERE.


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