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You’re Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

What if you woke up one day, and saw a terrible comment on something you posted online?

Or perhaps you shared an image of yourself, and someone openly commented on hating it?

How would you feel if people started judging you for what you were doing?

Here’s what you need to remember:

You’re not for everyone – and that’s OK.

The anonymity of the Internet allows people to give opinions over things without carefully weighing the consequences. 

That’s precisely the reason that you shouldn’t pay attention to the trolls, the haters, and the naysayers. They will always have an opinion no matter what you say or do. 

They are the kind of people who’ll always hate, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

But there’s something you can do – about YOURSELF.

  • You can continue to show up and share your gift with the world. 
  • Unapologetically do what you love and inspire more people. 
  • Ignore the haters and naysayers and focus on your growth. 

You have something to say, and you should not allow other people’s opinions to stop you from doing so. 

You matter. 

Your work matters. 

Your voice matters. 

Your work will matter to the people who will like you and connect with you. You don’t have to convince those who don’t. They are not your people. 

Focus on nurturing your relationship with the people who resonate with what you’re passionate about.  Deliver more value to them by consistently showing up. 

Because when you do that, you’ll keep attracting more and more of the right people for you and they will be the best people for your business. 

And one more thing, when you start getting haters, it means you’ve arrived. Welcome to the not-so-glamourous side of being frowned upon. 

You’re doing something great, and it makes other people jealous. 

And while at times, negative comments can get to you, it’s normal. Embrace your emotions. Cry if you have to. But after that, stand up and get back on your feet. 

Don’t let it linger for long. 

You have better things to do, and people are relying on you, so hold your head high, smile, and get on with your day. 

Because my friend, you’re here to slay…

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  1. Cindy says:

    You are a beautiful spirit and a creative soul… Rock on!!!

  2. Avani says:

    That is such a true and a beautiful sentiment. I wish people actually believed in themselves more than what others are saying. Thank you Mye! You are such an inspiration.

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I'm Mye


My business is to help your business generate more revenue so you can be who you want to be.

I'm Mye


My business is to help your business generate more revenue so you can be who you want to be.