the reunion


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the reunion


Slowly, I’ve been trying to tell you the story of our little guy here. From his birth to the day when he fought the hardest. It was amazing to see how many people have supported us along the way. And now that I am no longer on the verge of losing my sanity, it makes me proud to be able to share our struggles and joys to all my readers. Those were the days!

March 8, 2013

Kris arrives. We have to make some last minute appointments before we head back to Singapore where our family is currently based. We made a final visit to Alphonse’s surgeon, Dr. Karl Reyes (on the left). So young, right? He was glad to see that A is doing better and made some recommendations for Singapore based doctors where we can bring A for follow ups. I love how he treated us so well and he’s been so kind and approachable (actually, all of A’s doctors are!)


March 9, 2013

Alphonse was baptized. Together with a few select friends who stand as principal sponsors, we welcomed him to the Christian community. It is with regret though that we were not able to invite as many friends as we want because of the very critical situation of our baby. We had lunch after the ceremony and that was it. Quick but so worth it. In the middle (carrying A) is his godmother, Tara Jean Santos whom he shares blood with. Tara gave Alphonse the fresh whole blood needed for the surgery and despite the terrifying sizes of the needles, she did it. We can never thank her enough.


March 10, 2010

It was finally time to fly! Go back to Singapore where his sisters are staying (under their grandmother’s care). As nervous as I am, I need to face life now with 3 kids and no help. My mother-in-law gets to stay with us for just a few days more and I bet that will be a huge help but after that, I will have to face everything on my own – new baby, kids in the school, housework and my design job. The thought of it both excites and terrifies me.



Here we are now, our whole family. The moment I entered the house, I felt empty. For some reason, the excitement of seeing my twin daughters again after being apart for 3 months was gone. I felt fear. I sensed doubt about myself. I wondered if I will be able to pull through everything. It was not exciting after all. I was frantic and practically wanted to go back home to where my mom is. I wanted help. I was about to cry when my first born approached and hugged me tight and told me how much she misses us, how much she waited for the day that she can finally see her brother. I came back to my senses. This is us. And getting through this is a promise that we made together as a family. It will be ok.

It will be OK.

The first thing that we did after a few hours of rest is to head straight to Ikea to buy a crib and mattress for our precious boy. Kris built it with the girls and they were very excited to be helping out daddy on the job. The girls can’t help but get fascinated about their brother and the little boy is probably wondering why he is seeing 2 faces that looks the same.It was fun to see them together and it will be fun to have to see them grow together.

Our new “normal” begins now.

It won’t be easy. That, I know.

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  1. Linda says:

    Mye thank you for allowing me along on your journey. You and your family are never far from my thoughts. Many great and wonderful thoughts flying your way.

  2. DebB says:

    I am enjoying hearing about your little fighter! May the Lord continue to bless your family in this new stage of your lives…

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