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How to Find Time to Create

It’s no secret that the key to better lettering is in the practice. But the typical question I always get is, how do i find time to create? Setting time aside everyday gives you a creative outlet and helps you to become a better artist. But between all the responsibilities and distractions of our lives- who has time to practice lettering every single day?

The answer is, all of us!

“Life is constantly handing us excuses not to reach our goals.”

Our responsibilities get in the way, taking up most of our time and energy. Hobbies can be hard to maintain, always falling by the wayside.

But what if you made lettering a priority? What if instead of considering it a hobby, you made it a responsibility to yourself?

The truth is- there is no perfect time to practice.

There’s always something else to be done on our never ending task lists. If you don’t consciously make time, it will never present itself!

lettering practice, how to find time to create

One of my practice pieces in 2014 – see that gray background? I also took flatlays on the couch.


Here five easy ways you can implement around your schedule:

  1. Make a goal you know you can achieve – like 30 minutes a day of lettering.
  2. Set your timer – block out that 30 minutes a day and treat it as an important meeting. If you have kids (I highly encourage you to do this before they wake up)
  3. Eliminate distractions – turn your mobile phone off. If you can discuss matters with family, tell them you need this time all by yourself.
  4. Find a comfortable place – if your only place is the dining table, then so be it!
  5. Work continuously until the timer’s up

Soon, lettering will become a habit and a responsibility. This doesn’t mean it will no longer be enjoyable, and you will likely find yourself looking forward to your dedicated creative time. But to advance your skills, you can’t practice only when you feel like it.

Here’s an example:

Professional athletes show up everyday to practice. If you ask almost any of them what their passion is in life, what gets them out of bed everyday, they’ll likely tell you that it’s the love of their sport.

But do you think they love going to practice everyday? Likely not. Practice can be grueling, both on the body and the mind. But they know that their dedication is their ticket to the big leagues, to live the life they dream of and do what they love.

Art is no different.

If you want to move beyond the leagues of the beginner hobbyist, you need to practice like a professional. If you continue practicing like a beginner, you can’t expect professional results. It’s that simple!

How can we motivate ourselves and be accountable for our practice time? Give yourself every advantage to succeed. For many of us, having a dedicated practice space is important. Try transforming your desk into an inspiring lettering space. Decorate it with your favorite art pieces and make sure everything you need is within reach. This will help prevent distractions and wasted time searching for your materials. 

You don’t have a dedicated desk? So did I! I practiced on the couch while my baby is sleeping on the opposite side.

lettering inspiration mye de leon

My lettering now. Using white cardboard to shoot my flatlays.

Think about what time of the day you are the most focused. For some of us, that’s first thing in the morning. For others, it might be 11pm. Plan your practice sessions around the time you can dedicate the most of your energy to your art. Being motivated and focused will vastly improve your practice sessions.

Remember, you don’t find time for the things that matter, YOU MAKE TIME FOR IT.



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I'm Mye


My business is to help your business generate more revenue so you can be who you want to be.

I'm Mye


My business is to help your business generate more revenue so you can be who you want to be.