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hopeful october


September went by so fast but it sure was a busy and fruitful one. I had a mini album done, I joined Week in the Life, stayed up to date with my Project Life and I ventured into a new scrapbooking business that I know I will truly love. And I am just starting.

As October arrives, I am hopeful that this new month will bring in more opportunities. Here are my hopeful October goals. I’m focusing on business.

 1. Blog every day

 2. Take more pictures

 3. Enrol in a business class

 4. Create paper pages

 5. Limit social media

I have become a Facebook nut and every single day, I open facebook as I would my email. It’s no longer healthy for me and my business so my goal is to limit my use of social media tools for personal use and use it more for business. Plus, of course I have my kids around every day and taking away the girls’ computer and gadget privileges (since exams are getting near) would mean I have to spend more time teaching them (give me more patience).

I’m not someone who easily give up though and I am a woman of action. So bring it on. I can’t wait for this month will bring.

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