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multitasking – i love that i have learned how to do this from the corporate world that i used to live in for 12 years. I know it has some sort of a disadvantage but I know what or when to multitask. Pretty good at it (sometimes). I’ll be posting more images and how I created the whole process tomorrow.

scrapbooking – i just showed a peek of the most recent page i made (the last being in 2010). I threw away paper scrapping that year and promised I won’t look back. Obviously, I’m back (with vengeance) because I terribly missed it! I am not a fancy scrapper and I never imagined myself doing some complicated art work simply because what I want is memory keeping and if I choose to be otherwise, with my limited time, it will be 200% a failure.

blogging – part of my October hopeful goals is to blog everyday in order to get into the blogging routine again. And guess what? I’m loving it!

scheduling – with all the blogging that’s going to happen this month, this is a sure fire “must do” so my editorial list is filled until the end of the month. hurray to me.

enjoying – i may sound busy and some may even call me crazy but despite having a baby and twin daughters, I still manage to find some time (and I make sure I do) to enjoy just being creative. Because at the end of the day, nothing will ever make me happy than having a happy family and a happy “me”.

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