5 Benefits of Having Routines


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5 Benefits of Having Routines

Do you dread routines? Are you someone who prefers to be  more spontaneous with your day? Or do you prefer having systems and routines so that you know  what needs to be done and execute things as planned?

Do you remember being a child or teenager and you were given daily chores to help around the house? It was the same for me and when I was old enough, my parents roped me in to start helping out in our family’s bakery business. My chores were mostly to get up early to open the store, make paper bags, clean the kitchen and the shop. 

Do you remember what that felt like? I know I was mostly doing it to avoid scoldings from my parents but those daily routines were totally boring! Especially as a teen, when all I wanted to do was spend my days hanging out with friends. I was dreaming about freedom and being able to do things that I wanted to do!

So when I got into College and had to stay in a dorm, I naively thought I had freed myself from those dreadful routines of helping out at the bakery. Yes, I still did a bit here and there whenever I go home but guess what? 

The freedom of getting to do what I wanted to do was just me simply dragging myself out of bed – to go to school, finish my projects, do my homework and if time permits, socialize. 

I became complacent and was pretty much aimless with no goals or direction. Sure there were days that were productive but the majority of the time I accomplished….nothing.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The 3 reasons why no one is buying your art
  • The importance of understanding your ideal customers
  • Actions you can take immediately so you can make adjustments to your process and business


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