3 Reasons Why No One is Buying Your Art


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3 Reasons Why No One is Buying Your Art

Have you ever wondered why no one is buying your art? Despite all the promotions, the hard work, it feels like no one is seeing it. In today’s episode we’ll talk about the 3 reasons you need to understand in order to get people to notice and buy your creations.

Does this sound familiar to you? You’ve been posting your work online for a while now and every one of your friends and followers is telling you, “You’re really good at this! You should start selling your art!”

You’re feeling validated and start thinking, hey, maybe I should sell my art since everyone keeps saying I should do it!  And so you started to do the work of setting up an online shop. You looked through your best works, scanned them, edited, set up an online shop, bought packaging materials, made prints, took amazing product photos and uploaded all of it in your shop.

Then you go online and announce to everyone, “Hey, I’m selling my art! Buy it at my brand new shop!”

Everyone is congratulating you and saying that you’re amazing for following your dreams. You feel really great from the ‘support’ you’re getting but that feeling of excitement and hopefulness goes away really fast when you realise that no one is buying your art. 

You then ask yourself, “I don’t get it? Everyone is telling me I should sell my art but no one is buying! It’s not like the pricing is really high, in fact, my prices are reasonable. Why is no one buying my art?”

That scenario is all too real for many of my followers and students. In this episode, we’ll talk about the reasons you’re probably not aware of and how we you can make the necessary adjustments for your business.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The 3 reasons why no one is buying your art
  • The importance of understanding your ideal customers
  • Actions you can take immediately so you can make adjustments to your process and business

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