How to Have a Winner's Mindset For Artists and Creatives to Succeed


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How to Have a Winner’s Mindset

How to Have a Winner's Mindset

Do you want to be a winner or are you a loser? Because, whether we like it or not, winning is not for everyone. 

Now I know that statement is going to put some people off but if you know me, I’m a straight talker and I like to tell you as it is because I want you to be confident and achieve success in your business.

But before we get to the meat of this episode, let me ask you a question, what is the first thought that pops into your head when you see or come across a success story online? Let’s say you open Facebook and you see this headline,

“Mother of 3 builds a 5-figure creative handmade card business.” or 

“Self-taught painter commissioned to paint portraits of famous people.”

Did you immediately dismiss these people and think, “Oh she probably has a rich husband to fund her business” or “That painter was probably well connected in the first place.”

Maybe, you thought this instead,

“Oh wow, if she can do that, I can do it too!” or, “I’m self-taught! I definitely can get to that level!”

If you were in the latter camp, congratulations, you have a winner’s mindset!

What You’ll Learn:

  • The 4 common habits of winners and successful people and how you can apply these habits to your own life and business
  • Why you need to invest in yourself to grow even faster than everyone else in the industry
  • What big business owners do to achieve success
  • Why you need to start ditching negative thoughts and start having a winner’s mindset


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