Building a Strong Brand is a Continuous Process & Not an End Goal


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Building a Strong Brand is a Continuous Process & Not an End Goal

branding is a process

Today, we’re talking to Allison Evelyn Gower, copywriter, brand coach and host of the podcast, “Brand with Bite”.

Allison’s obsession is showing women how to uncover and finally see their unique personality, unmuzzle their voice and unleash words that grow their dream business (and life).

She’s been featured on media like Forbes and Thrive Global, on podcasts like Don’t Keep Your Day Job and interviewed some of the most renowned online entrepreneurs in the world.

Whether sharing untold stories from history on her podcast or leading unconventional group programs, Allison’s calling is to help women re-find who they really are and unmute themselves, so they can show up in the world in the way they’re meant to and connect with the people who need them.

We’re grateful to have this opportunity to share her story and get her insights on building a strong brand. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • That you may feel like your journey is riddled with detours or winding paths but going through that journey is leading you to exactly where you need to be
  • How constraints in your life and business is not necessarily a bad thing and can be a catalyst for growth and change
  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid to be honest with yourself and your audience whether you’re starting out a business or you’re pivoting from what you are known for
  • Why it’s important to not only grow a business and but a brand
  • The one trick to help you describe your brand
  • How to see yourself in a way that helps you define what makes you unique and different and be able to share it with confidence.
  • What makes a strong brand and why building a brand doesn’t need to be a wild and huge idea and is closer to you than you think
  • Who can you go to help you discover stories about yourself for your brand
  • Allison’s advice for creatives who are building their own brand without the help of a copywriter or a brand strategist


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