back to school | term 4


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back to school | term 4


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The twins have enjoyed their 1 week Term 3 break last week. I had them play what they want, when they want and just have fun! I cancelled their Chinese tutor just so they’ll get a full week of enjoying themselves and not worry about books to read, spelling to study and Chinese characters to memorize. It was a week full of fun, play and food.






I’m sure with all these time, all the games they want, they enjoyed their vacation. They are refreshed because when they went to school, they are very eager to meet their teachers and their classmates. I don’t give them this kind of time often because I know that we still have to prioritise their studies. However, I firmly believe that if I don’t give them time to relax and unwind, they will eventually get tired of school and I don’t want that to happen. So for these girls, the rule is simple – study hard, play hard. A simple rule that we set for them to understand the importance of studying.


And while the girls are in school, this little boy is enjoying his time alone with mommy.

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I have 2 ongoing projects right now and while I am almost done with my Week in the Life from last week, I need to catch up 3 weeks on my Project Life. But this projects by Ali and Becky helped me a lot in documenting our year and I promised myself to commit and finish what I have started. And it’s happening this week since I will have more time when A takes his naps.

Needless to say, this week is project week. What about you, what’s your goal this week?

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