Why It's Important to Build an Audience


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Why It’s Important to Build an Audience

Some people say, ‘create a product and the buyers will come’ and to this day many creative business owners still have this mentality.

When they see no one buying their products, they end up disappointed and blame the product or the competition when in fact, they probably have a very good product and have a completely different reason why it didn’t sell. 

We no longer live in a world where we just create products and automatically have buyers.

In fact, we now have to fight for people’s attention in a world where billions of different types of content are published every single day! So how then do we make sure that our products are being seen?

Well, buckle up because in this episode we’ll be talking about the missing piece in your marketing strategy and the number one reason why you’re not making sales.

In today’s episode, I’ll share with you the number one thing you need to do first before starting to sell anything. 

But you have to remember that while it’s easier to sell these days because we have a wider reach (thanks to the Internet), it’s also way more difficult because more and more businesses are fighting for people’s attention. 

Nowadays, you can’t just post something on social media and expect tons of likes and comments and sales. Sure, it might’ve worked in the early days of Instagram but now you’re competing against 95 million photos and videos being posted every single day on the platform. And that’s just Instagram!

Don’t forget about Facebook, Youtube, Tiktok and more!

We have so many different platforms and millions of people you can sell to. So what could be the missing piece to your marketing strategy?

What You’ll Learn:

  • One crucial thing that’s missing from your marketing strategy that’s causing your sales
  • Ways to start building your audience
  • One component you need in order to build your audience
  • How you can build expertise through selling
  • Why we need to build content and attract audience that aligns with our business goals


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