2013 week in the life | wednesday


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2013 week in the life | wednesday


I always wake up beside this wonderful scene in our bed. Yes, this baby is co-sleeping with us and we don’t regret it. We did the same with the twins and they slept with us until they were 7. I would never trade those years for anything else. They are now 8 years old and have their own bed. We are starting to teach them independence – slowly though.

Today, I woke up a tad late because Alphonse was awake from 3AM – 7AM so I took a nap with him at around 8AM. These rare days happen and I love it!


The girls got up a few minutes after. Look at that mess! I know it’s a pain to look at but I’m proud that my girls are now able to clean these themselves.


He’s up again and playing with me in the couch (while I am watching). He never gets tired!


I have to cook lunch and had to leave him in the crib. Then, he got bored and I found him playing in this position.


Elysia decided to stop playing with the laptop and started to draw (with that accessory I can’t classify as bracelet, hah!)


I was in the kitchen and heard them playing on the table. They said it’s hockey!


The girls have finished lunch and it’s now this little man’s turn. He’s kind of loving it.


After lunch, I started loading the laundry. It’s wash day!


Playmates arrived. We live in flats (mostly) here in Singapore so there’s a limited play area inside the house but these girls love just being together – even if it means being in the laundry area.


It isn’t evening yet but Alphonse took a nap after the playmates went home so I decided to spend a few minutes in the computer and work.


Kris arrives from work and took care of the now awake cutie pie. So, this is how 2 couch potatoes look like.


Spent the night working after dinner while Kris takes care of A and then finally, got the feeding bottles done for the evening.


While checking on everything around the house before bedtime (electricity, gas, locks, doors, windows) I realized that I haven’t hang the remaining laundry yet! It’s almost 12 MN (that happened). I spent the final minutes of the day hanging the clothes to dry.

That’s how Wednesday went for our family. How did yours go?


Week in the Life is week long project created by Ali Edwards documenting everyday life using photos and words. View more of my week in the life posts here.

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  1. Andrea W says:

    Thanks for sharing! I loved seeing the pics. Your baby is darling. Many times I leave the wash in the machine and forget about it. Sometimes I have to wash again! OH NO! Thanks for the inspiration.

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