2013 week in the life | thursday


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2013 week in the life | thursday


This year is my first year of doing Week in the Life project and so far, I am enjoying it. Not just because I get to take a lot of pictures but the process of being able to document an entire week, intensively with photos and words. My goal for today is to limit the use of iPhone and bring out the DSLR and use it more often. I have successfully taken the first photo (above).


The usual suspect is up very early today and started playing in bed to wake me up. Kris has already gone to work (without breakfast because I’m too lazy to get up).



I started with the laundry again and take advantage of the sunny day!



The girls started with breakfast. Each getting their favorite. Nuttela and bread for Scieszka and a bowl of cereal for Elysia.


I believe the kitchen needs some cleaning today.




The little one took a nap and it’s time to start hunting for chicken recipes. I love the chicken piccata but I don’t have enough chicken breasts so I ended up cooking stew.


Then it’s time for some afternoon folding, which unfortunately is still not finish as of this writing.



It’s finally time for some snacks and then we decided to go down and spent the afternoon playing jumping rope in the park. They got tired and sat and spent some time talking to each other. Just the sweetest sight of the day.



Kris arrived home and put A to sleep but after dinner, he woke up and started playing again.


We decided to call it a day after the Season 7 marathon of Dexter. Alphonse is still wide awake at 11PM and still playing with big sister Elysia. We finally settled at around 1130PM.


Week in the Life is week long project created by Ali Edwards documenting everyday life using photos and words. View more of my week in the life posts here.

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  1. cinback says:

    I love great lighting in all of your photos. It makes for such clear images…

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