3 Things You Could Be Doing Wrong That's Affecting Your Sales


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3 Things You Could Be Doing Wrong That’s Affecting Your Sales

So you think you have a great product but you wonder why it’s not selling better? The thing is, it takes more than just a great product for it to do well and it’s tricky to identify the issues when you’re the one facing it. So in this episode, let’s break down 3 things you could be doing wrong that’s affecting your sales.

Are you having trouble selling your product? I asked because I know I did when I created one years ago. Like me, perhaps you blame the fact that not enough people are seeing your products and that’s why you’re not getting sales.

But what if I tell you there’s more than just getting people to notice your products to get them buying it?
Intrigued? I hope so because this episode is going to be a good one so sit up, grab a cuppa and you might also want to grab a pen and notebook so you can take down notes to help you discover what not to do so you can help improve your sales.

Selling is a very important part of our business. After all, the very nature of owning a business is to sell and if we don’t sell – whether it’s a product or a service or maybe a bit of both as long as a client is willing to pay you for it – we won’t survive.

Simply put, sales is the lifeblood, it’s essential for our business to thrive. No sales means our business is in a crisis.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why email marketing is proven to give highest ROI or return on investment
  • The 3 most common uses of email list for creatives
  • What’s a lead magnet and why it’s important if you want people to sign up to your email list
  • Find the most suitable email services provider that’s right for your business
  • Why it’s crucial to create a distraction-free lead capture page
  • The importance of nurturing and building a relationship with your email list
  • How to bring in more value for your subscribers by creating regular content that benefits them


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