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How Scotty Russell made $56K in 6 months from his coaching launch

Case Study Scotty Russell

Scotty has been side-hustling as an artist and coach, charging $100 for his services. It has always sold fast, but he felt he was undercharging. He wanted to expand his coaching business.

He learned new strategies to take his coaching to the next level and niched down as the Side Hustler’s Coach. He also discovered how to strategically charge more for his services.

Scotty launched his 3-months Side Hustler’s Coaching Program twice in the next 6 months and made a total of $56K.  Out of this success, he was able to support his family and secure their finances, despite recently losing his job.

Scotty has been side hustling as an artist for a few years. He has amassed a huge following on Instagram, hosts the popular Perspective Podcast, and has been invited to speak on stage so many times. 

In 2019, he started selling 1:1 coaching sessions for $100 a pop and they always sold fast.

“They always sold quickly, but I felt like I was severely undercharging and underestimating the value I delivered, but I didn’t know how to expand it.”

He planned to go all-in with his coaching services because he wanted to stop doing client work. It took away so much time from his family, as he was still working full-time then. 

He was wearing many hats – being a new dad, a husband, an artist, a podcast host, and a speaker. Scotty wanted to focus more on turning his side hustle into a  full-time business. 

Scotty has an email list but never really used it to its full potential before. 

“I only have very few people in my email list and I’ve only been sending them updates about new podcasts and merchandise.”

He came to me because he knew he needed help from someone who has already done a successful launch.

“I sought coaching from Mye because I wanted to take my individual ambitions for being a creative coach to the next level.”

Our first few meetings involved creating a game plan and an offer. We tapped into his strength which is coaching. 

Because he has been coaching and side hustling as a creative for years, we looked into that and focused on making him the Side Hustler’s Expert. 

But he has way more talent than he could ever imagine. Scotty isn’t tapping into his full potential. He loves copywriting and storytelling too. 

“Mye really helped me tap my love for storytelling and writing copy.”

In the months that followed, we scheduled his launch. From there, we reverse engineered what worked, and applied it, his pre-launch, content and email marketing strategies. 

“I have a small list and I’ve always just sent them updates about new podcast episodes and merchandise.”

Scotty isn’t new to email marketing, but he hasn’t done it in his business yet. So, we created a two-step email strategy.

  1. To start connecting with his community (the people in his email list)
  2. To start segmenting his list (which he has never done before)

This allowed him to target those who are interested in his coaching services better while continuously giving value to everyone on the list. 

It became a very powerful tool during his launch because the people on the segmented list were hyperactive and responsive to his emails.

“The email engagements were off the charts! I haven’t really connected to my list the way I did until I learned how to do it better from Mye.”

After the email strategy, we moved on to his content strategy – 

Podcasts –  he has been doing it for years now and it’s gold, so we doubled down on what’s really working for him. We used his most recent episodes to prime his audience for his upcoming launch. 

Instagram Posts – Scotty manages his IG posts really well so we just added a few priming sequences into his posts to ensure we’re not missing any aspect of his content strategy. 

IG Stories – we added solid authority building on his IG Stories strategy. 

All of these helped position him as the side hustling expert. 

But Scotty has another concern. He has never priced his coaching services at 4 figures. He was worried that people won’t join with that amount.

“I was scared but then I was also ready to make some serious change into my business and I trust that Mye’s going to help me.”

We continued with our strategy and pushed for the launch as initially scheduled. 

Scotty is seriously good at implementing. 

He never misses a thing and that’s what I love about working with him. 

He makes sure he does everything as outlined in every meeting.

“I’ve sold out all 10 spots in a week making $20K in sales while helping creatives get the transformation they wanted with their side hustles. 

I’ve never made this much before in freelance or merch sales, and I know I can and will continue to charge more as I own this space and deliver value as a Creative Coach.”

“I gained confidence and clarity in what I was born to do. I was able to position my program as a premium service!”

More than a massive launch…

Scotty re-launched his Side Hustler’s Coaching Program after the first batch and made $36K in sales. 

That’s a massive $56K revenue in just 6 months of back-to-back launching.

“When I heard the news that we’re having another baby and I lost my job at the same time, I felt a huge sense of relief because I knew I have a successful business to support our financial needs. 

Mye is knowledgeable when it comes to launching and marketing strategy. Her skills are exactly what I need to help build my business. Hiring her a coach is an absolute no-brainer.”

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I'm Mye


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I'm Mye


My business is to help your business generate more revenue so you can be who you want to be.