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  Photo courtesy of The General Co.

Photo courtesy of The General Co.

Your course is ready! 

Thank you for joining the Styling the Alphabet Community. 

Download Styling the Alphabet eBook
Download the Roman Alphabet Guidelines
Download the Script Alphabet Guidelines

If the links don’t work, right click on the link, copy and paste it in your browser.

You are also going to need Adobe Reader to open the files. If you don’t have it yet, you may download it for free.

This course aims to help you practice with intention in order to hone your lettering skills better and FASTER! Here are a few things you can do to get the most out of this journey:

  • Prepare your tools – you don’t need fancy tools. A pencil, papers and an eraser will do! 
  • Prepare yourself – mentally and physically. Have enough sleep, rest  and prepare your mind and body for the work every day. 
  • Make time for practice – discipline is important. Be sure to follow your schedule even if it’s just a few minutes of each day.
  • Share your work – by sharing your work, you’re making yourself accountable to the public and it gives your motivation to keep on going! Plus, you get to meet new people who has the same interests like you! 

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