Create Simple But Effective Project Life Title Page


Do you struggle with your weekly project life title page? Learn how you can make a simpler yet effective title page in seconds using this very simple solution - the Week Stamps! I find myself always struggling with title page and to be honest, there are weeks that I spend more time doing it that doing my entire page - funny, but this is also true. So when I was creating my Week 28, I wanted to try something for my pages, I kept it simpler than what I used to do. Check below how I used my … [Read more...]

What To Do When You Have Fewer Photos in a Week?


So you've started this project called Project Life - but you can't catch up on capturing a lot of photos you need for your pages every single week. And sometimes, admit it, you just want to take a break from taking photos. It happens. Don't be too hard on yourself. We are memory keepers, we preserve life and memories but we are also individuals who need a break from something from time to time. So how can I make a page if I have less photos in a week? Don't fret - I know you probably don't … [Read more...]

July Digital Template Freebie


A little something for you this month - just because :) Hope you'll have fun using it! Click the image to Download. The file includes PSD, TIFF, PNG and SBC+ .page Use it as is or modify to your liking - just like what my team did. Did you like this freebie? Make sure to tell your friends about it. Just click the icons below and share it. Don't want to miss freebies like this one? Hop on and join the mailing list by signing up below and the news will be delivered straight to your … [Read more...]

And Just Like That, They Are Nine


Wow! I don't know how I am going to start this post because tears have started coming out already. These are my babies. And they've grown so fast. These two can't wait to meet mom already and had to be born prematurely at 31 weeks and stayed for a month at the NICU to gain weight. They were so tiny at 3.3 lbs and very very fragile. My family thought they won't survive. A year later we celebrated their first birthday and we were the happiest! They were so cute, so sweet and fun and so … [Read more...]

Sunshine Is Coming For You!


Are you ready for Summer? I know we are all pretty excited for this warm weather and I can't help but make sure that the next collection can definitely handle the heat! It is filled with lots and lots of goodies that I know you are going to love! This HUGE and gorgeous I Collect Memories - July installment can be yours! Simply leave a message below and tell me what are you looking forward to this Summer and what are you looking forward to seeing in this collection! I can't wait to read all … [Read more...]