Handlettering 365 | Day 112


Day 112 - Every artist was first an amateur, Ralph Waldo Emerson. Have you ever felt intimidated showing your work to the world because you feel it's too amateur-ish? I'm guilty. But part of getting your name and work out there is by simply sharing it. I believe in the power of sharing. Yes, you will be criticized. Yes, your work may not be as "perfect" as other artist. But hey, imperfection is what makes an art more interesting! So I decided to embrace my fear, take a step forward, continue … [Read more...]

Handlettering 365 | Day 111


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Pattern Play | Whimsy Garden


Well, hi! It's been a while since we've done pattern play here and I'm quite excited to be bringing it back today! I hope you like this Whimsy Garden pattern I made and it's included in my Doo-Dah-Day scrapbook collection. I posted this pattern in Instagram and I was asked if there's any tip to doing patterns for beginner so I might try and do another blog post for that. If you are on Instagram, do me a favor and visit me there too! There's a lot of fun things going on out there that sometimes … [Read more...]

Handlettering 365 | Day 110


Day 110 - Script … [Read more...]

Handlettering 365 | Day 109


Day 109 - I Love You … [Read more...]