Clipboard Calendar Frame by Terresa Burnham

Clipboard frame1

  Clipboard calendar frame tutorial today!  Have I told you that one of the things I look forward to for a brand new year is a fresh new calendar.  I am going to show you how to create a clipboard calendar frame today. Supply list: Wood frame Card stock paper Mini clip Decorative button Glue Paint First I chose a fun curvy frame and painted it. Once the paint was dry.  I glued on a mini clip to the top center of my frame. Then I chose a decorative button and glued it over the … [Read more...]

Peppermint Hand Warmers by Terresa Burnham

sewing machine

Peppermint scented hand warmers are on the blog today!  Have you heard the saying cold hands warm heart?   If you live in a cold climate you know what I mean.  Our Utah winters can be very cold.  This year the little hands and the big hands at our house are going to be toasty warm! These little warmers are so clever.  You can easily put together a few in no time at all. Supply list: 4 pieces of 4"x 4"  fabric Pinking shears Peppermint oil Sewing machine and thread Uncooked rice Card … [Read more...]

Pocket Scrapping – Holiday Style with Jennifer Papadimitriou


Happy Holidays! It's that time of year when our pocket-style weekly albums become festive! :)  So how about expanding the fun by creating non-weekly 'holiday themed' layouts to accompany your albums? We've all been there I'm sure. You are doing your weekly spread during the holiday season, and find you have so many photos to fit!. Why try to cram all of them into one weekly spread? When I do my PL-type albums I have a blast doing add-ons! I've gathered a few ideas - and a few layout examples … [Read more...]

DIY Gift Card Holder by Terresa Burnham

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  This simple to make Christmas card gift holder easily holds a gift card,  favorite gum, a small gift, stickers or other thin items. No tape is needed, just cut out your image, then fold and it holds itself together! How awesome is that?  Add some twine or ribbon and you have a great little gift to give. Supplies you need for this project: The Merriment Collection elements and  card stock paper.  Twine or ribbon, scissors and a gift card.    I chose the merry and … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Treat Wrap and Utensil Holder By Terresa Burnham


I love November and the Thanksgiving holiday.  It's a great time to gather as families and friends in celebration for a time of gratitude and blessings.  Today's tutorial is a way to do that!  A treat wrap to share with someone special, as well as a utensil holder for the table.   All the supplies you need are some great elements from the Gather Together Collection.  Colored paper for printing and whatever treat you decide to use.  I chose to wrap a cookie in cellophane and tie with … [Read more...]