Winter Snowflake Blocks by Terresa Burnham


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Winter Snowflake Blocks by Terresa Burnham

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Here we are in January.  The Christmas decor is all put away.  I found myself  looking around my house and wanting to add some winter themes to our home.  You know I love the Christmas season.  But once it’s all put away I find my house looks a little bare.  I noticed that I really didn’t have much winter themed decor to display for January so I decided to create my own.

Supply list:

Wood Blocks
Card stock paper
Clear acrylic spray


I had some wood blocks that I knew would look amazing with some winter snowflakes covering them! So I went ahead and  painted the blocks in two coats of white paint.



I used these darling snowflake elements from the Snuggle Up Collection.  It’s perfect for winter scrapping projects and for today’s snowflake blocks!  I printed mine on glossy card stock and then cut them down to fit my blocks which are 4″ x 4″ square.  I had a tough time deciding whether to round the corner of my print or leave mine square! I left my corners square and glued the snowflake prints to the blocks and sprayed them with the acrylic spray.


snowflake pics

Once my snowflake blocks were dry I put them on a fun shelf to display.  I love that you can size this project in whatever space you happen to have.  I just love the Snuggle Up Collection.  Hope your January is awesome!



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