The Elite Creators Apprentice

the 4-week coaching program for creatives who want to start their business in 2021.


Want In?

You've been trying to start your business...

First thing, congratulations! You're one of the rare few who decided to take action and make your dreams of starting your creative business come true. 

But now you're probably asking - "What now?"

You've done everything you could possibly do for your business but the needle is not moving at all!

You get overwhelmed by all the advice you see online so you watch Bridgerton on repeat instead. 

You encounter roadblocks and have no idea how to get past them. 

You wish for a map that will tell you - "take your business that way."

You know you need help but you're just starting out, will anyone want to mentor you?

I get it. I was you!

I'm a mom of three (one of which has special needs) trying to raise our young family in a foreign country.

I thought we'd be ok with what I was making from my scrapbook design business - until it was no longer enough. 

With my son's growing medical needs and our family's growing expenses, I needed to find a way to grow my business but I didn't know how.

I tried to figure things out on my own but wasted seven long years before I finally decided - I need help. 

I can't do things on my own. I need someone to guide me how to do things the right way. 

I joined a coaching program.

And it has made me realize there are so many things I didn't know about business.

I was so ready to grow so I dive right in and spend $12,000 to get what I want - 


And in less than a year, my $30,00 annual income ceiling grew to $120,000. 

I didn't know it was possible until I saw my sales dashboard with my own eyes. My first 6-figure year! I did it!

And YOU can do it too!

Imagine your creative business...

Being so profitable that you don't have to worry making more money to help support your family.

Having multiple offerings so you're no longer relying on client work alone to make money.

Continuously growing because you know exactly what direction you need to take it.

Being less overwhelming and more fun that you don't have to drag yourself to work everyday.

Since working with Mye, I've exploded my once side hustle into a thriving full-time creative business. I made over $125,000 in my first year of self-employment despite having a second kid and navigating a pandemic.

"I made over $125K in my first year of self-employment! Working with Mye is an absolute no-brainer."

scotty russell

Creative Side Hustle Coach & Host of Perspective Podcast


The Elite Creators Apprentice

Learn the secrets to making more money from your creative passion without exhausting yourself - in as short as four weeks.

Fast-track your creative business growth without getting crazy

Get past the roadblocks that are hindering your growth and success

Get started with your business without getting overwhelmed. 

Get clarity on where to take your business forward.

may 14 - june 4, 2021

This is exactly what I need right now!

let's do this

I was afraid of niching down but at the same time, I wanted to see the community I live in. I offered my workshop to a targeted audience of French-speaking students. I made $2,000 from my first launch!

I gained confidence and offered this same workshop at a higher price 6 months later and made my first €10,000 (roughly $12,000) at the end of 2020! I was unbelievable!

Mye has truly been the initiator of this success. Her global market knowledge and specific strategies have offered strong foundations to sell with confidence. I'm super grateful to have met Mye at the right time on my journey to success!

"I sold my workshop at a higher price and made my first €10,000 (roughly $12,000) at the end of 2020!"

laurence lehman

Calligraphy Trainer, RariCreation

This program is for you if:

It's NOT for you if:

You are just starting with your creative business and don't know where to even begin. 

You're willing to do the work, show up without excuse and be coachable.

You want to get things done more efficiently without the overwhelming to do lists.

You want to make more money from your creative work without exhausting yourself everyday.

You're relentless, hungry and ready to change your life for the better.

You're not ready to put in the energy to do the work and show up for yourself.

You're looking for a way to get rich quick without putting in the work.

You're not committed enough to change your life and you're just trying things out.

You don't want to be challenged to do the best way possible to help you grow.

You're not ready to get out of your comfort zone and expand your horizons.

What You'll Get Inside the Program

4 weeks coaching sessions

We'll meet once a week for 4 weeks at 8:00 AM EST for your weekly coaching and training sessions.

limited hot seats

The most-coveted hot seat! You'll get a chance to ask questions about your business during the sessions.


Get your weekly to-do guide so you can avoid getting overwhelmed and focus only on the things you need.

WEEKLY accountability check

We'll monitor your progress every week to ensure you're actually taking action and seeing the results you came in for.

Words From My Clients

I have no website and yet I made $4,000 within a month!

jerome jonathan

I've grown my email list from 100 to over 1,500 within 3 weeks and sold my signature program!


I'm a lettering artist turned business strategist and have helped hundreds of creative entrepreneurs turn their hobbies into highly-profitable income.

My unique creative background, marketing skills and my business knowledge have been my best-kept secrets in helping creatives like you grow a scalable business that not only relies on a single income source.

The Elite Creators is my signature coaching program that has been acknowledged by many creatives and media all over the world. 

Hey there, I'm Mye De Leon.

the girl behind the elite creators that everyone is talking about

as seen in:

Enough said, I'm In!

The Elite Creators Apprentice

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one time, no-brainer offer because this will be the
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Words From My Clients

I've more than doubled my chalkboard rates!

I closed a $6,000 project deal which I never thought was possible!

I made $16,000 in my first year of business doing murals part-time!