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Do you struggle with your weekly project life title page? Learn how you can make a simpler yet effective title page in seconds using this very simple solution – the Week Stamps! I find myself always struggling with title page and to be honest, there are weeks that I spend more time doing it that […]

2014 Project Life

As you can see, I have worked on Week 22 which is the most current week to this date and I have also worked on 2 more weeks! So far, I’ve been able to keep my promise to myself to create at least 2 layouts per week. Catching up on projects is never easy and […]

2014 Project Life

If you are a digital project life artist, have you ever asked yourself how you can achieve a realistic project life page? I know that when you say PL, it means simplicity. So, why does my page needs to look real? Well each of us has different choices when we scrap. When it comes to documenting […]

Tips & Techniques

Project Life has become very famous now. Becky Higgins did a wonderful job finding a simple solution for our memory keeping needs and I admire her a lot for that. The idea of this project is to provide simple and stress free scrapbooking and it definitely fit my needs. Needless to say, I became addicted to […]